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You can have good skin.

Even if your skin is dry & sensitive. 

Even if you have eczema or psoriasis.

Even if your skin is mature & wrinkled.

Even if other product's are irritating.

pure organic pink salt natural soap bars

Slow Botanicals

Best All Natural Products
for Good Skin
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Here's what you have to say:

"As a relatively long-time user of Slow Botanicals soaps I can definitely say they have improved the quality of my life. I have VERY sensitive skin and have struggled to find a soap that didn’t trigger issues.

Upon hearing my story, I was recommended two different kinds of handmade soap she thought would work for me and
I have been using them happily ever since!

Chwynyn is very knowledgeable about the ingredients she puts into her soaps and how those ingredients affect your skin.

I am certainly glad she is here and
I can’t say enough about her soaps."
ME, Educator - Point Roberts, Washington

all natural soap bar with a dried rosehip embedded on the surface of the soap. On green handmade ceramic leaf soap dish on white windowsill.
Lavender sprigs on wood table for good skin slow botanicals.jpg

You Have to Keep it Simple!

if you want good skin

Frosted glass jar or organic floral day cream with slow botanicals sticker on white cotton fabric surrounded by dried lavender sprigs and wild rose buds

Here's the thing:

If you want good skin, you’ll have to pretty much toss
all the products you’re using.


You absolutely don’t need serum.
Say no to face masks. No toner necessary.
Forget the fancy cleanser.

Not only do you not need these, you don’t  want them!

*Please don’t use anything on your skin that contains fragrance, essential oil, colors or dyes, alcohol, or other fillers. All they do is irritate and clog your skin. (Many are carcinogenic, too).

So, go ahead: empty your drawers and clear off your shelves!
Toss it all. 
(And don't feel guilty (´◡`)

You tossed products that don't feel good like you hoped. The ones you never have time for.
The bottles with too many ingredients!                       

So...What now!?!?

Want good skin? You only need 3 products.
slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
Stack of natural soap bars filled with calendula petals throughout them.  On green handmade ceramic leaf soap dish on white windowsill. Surrounded by orage and yellow calendula flowers.

The best soap has extra oils that sink into your skin and nourish it for up to 12 hours.

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
Glass jar of wild winter blend day cream slow botanicals. On cashmrere fabric surrounded by dried calendula petals, rosehips and turkey tail mushrooms

The right botanicals calm and condition your skin so it's soft & smooth from dawn to dusk.

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
Blue glass jar with gold lid. Filled with all natural organic regenerating night cream made of 8 hand-picked botanicals. Sprig of dried yarrow sitting in front of jar, on linen fabric.

Circadian rhythms program your skin so that powerful botanicals heal & renew 

"My husband was saying this morning this is the best soap he has ever used. And he's right. Other soap leaves my skin feeling dry. But your soap makes my skin soft and it's moisturized. Other soap bars only look good and smell good."

AS, Photographer - Point Roberts, Washington

You didn't think it would happen to you:

-your skin's on your mind
way too much.

-you're feeling glum & disappointed when you
look in the mirror.

-your skin didn't used to be this dry.

-skin changes are coming too fast! This aging thing kinda makes your head spin.

chwynyn vaughan of slow botanicals, woman with blue eyes and long brown hair holding wild rose flower in a group of wild rose bushes on a sunny summer day

You're not particularly vain.

Still, you can't help but care
how you look.

it's mostly a secret you feel this way. You're embarrassed to care...

Caring this much about your looks has never been one of your values!

(Forever, You've  tried to keep your looks out of your identity.)

But now you really want to feel at peace when you look in the mirror. 

And that's totally okay. You've worked on your inner world.

And now your outer layer gets its turn for loving attention!

You're going to
do the best for your skin!

It's gotta be easy.

And it has to be natural!

Because you've gone this long-
-you're not about to start "suffering for fashion"

But what to do?!

You want to know what to do.
And then you're going to start NOW!

slow botanicals is going to give you
skin you love!

calendula flowers for good skin all natural.jpg

"Such wonderful cream! I use it every day and give it as gifts to everyone!"
SP - Point Roberts, Washington

"I must tell you I am absolutely obsessed with your herbal cream!!
It is EXACTLY what I was needing!!"

TF, Writer & Actor - Point Roberts, Washington

"I just had to tell you that your wonderful cream has totally fixed my irritated neck of leather! I was sure I’d have to live out the rest of my days with a neck like a reptile. But no. Thank you so much!"
LC, Prop Maker - Finn Slough, BC

slow botanicals infusing olive oil for good skin.jpg
slow botanicals calendula background.jpg

Slow Botanicals

Not Your Typical Skincare

Slow Botanicals start in nature.
On beautiful days, I go into the organic garden and wild fields of flowers.
I pay close attention so I can pick & choose flowers, leaves, mushrooms, seeds, pods, tree buds 
when they’re at their absolute best.

Botanicals as taught by wise women and confirmed by science.

In the studio, organic olive oil is infused with botanicals and teas are brewed.
This is the way 
botanicals unfurl & unleash their magic for you.

Their nourishing and healing gifts sink into your skin.

harvesting st johns wort for slow botanicals skincare.jpg

10 Results You Can Expect From Your Slow Botanicals Skincare Routine

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg

10 all natural results:

1) soft skin
2) smooth skin 
3) less wrinkles
4) skin's less dry
5) calm skin
6) unflare psoriasis 
7) majorly ease eczema
8) comfortable skin 
9) loads of compliments!
10) everyone will ask: "What are you using!?"

slow botanicals wild rose benefits soap bar_edited.jpg

-but it's not only what you put on your skin...

Get Slow Botanicals FREE 5 Simple Steps to Good Skin

So easy!

yarrow is important skin cream ingredient.jpg

Slow Botanicals 
real botanicals
harvested locally
processed naturally

This is how you get good skin!

Real botanicals contain all sorts of naturally occurring chemical compounds that do wonderful things for your skin.

Specific botanicals actually turn on and off genes that control your body’s own collagen production.

Other botanicals give you sun protection while some reverse UV damage.

Botanicals, with regular use, are documented to reduce the size of wrinkles.

There are botanicals that ease eczema and psoriasis.

Flowers and other plant parts can tighten your skin.

They speed up the healing of your cuts and sores.

Some prevent and some reduce skin pigmentation. That's dark circles and age spots.

There are botanicals that prevent infections.

Some calm the skin.

Others are anti-inflammatory.


Learn loads more about Skincare on the
Slow Botanicals blog

Not built on a façade of fragrance. Slow Botanicals are the real deal!

Here's a selection of 3 hand-picked botanicals you'll find within:

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
pink wild rose flower in bloom in wild on sunny summer day
  • soften skin

  • brighten skin

  • reverse UV damage

  • infection protection

  • ease inflammation

Wild Roses on the blog!
This one's about my spiritual journey:
What's Your System to Stop Anxiety?

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
Eagle sitting in branches of a very large poplar tree
  • less inflammation 

  • less redness

  • bring down puffiness

  • fade & prevent age spots & dark circles

  • reverse UV damage

  • calm psoriasis

  •  skin cell renewal

  • aid exfoliation

Poplar Buds on the blog!
A favorite skincare botanical 🥰
Why Poplar Buds Make Your Skin Look and Act Younger

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
honey bee sits in the center of an orange calendula flower in the slow botanicals garden
  • reduce inflammation

  • antibacterial action

  • aid collagen production

  • healthy pores

  • lessen UV damage

  • brighten skin

  • natural exfoliation

  • ease eczema

Calendula on the blog!
What a surprising little flower:
A Flower for Anti Aging Skin Care

best poppy seed exfoliating soap_edited.jpg

Slow Botanicals?!?!

You've tried Slow Botanicals

You feel yourself becoming loyal!!!

Here are some other winning products to try!

-it's not only what you put on your skin...

It's also about your approach to your beauty routine.
Discover the life changing magic of slow beauty

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