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Shave Soap

Finally a way to stop razor burn.
You won't need to sacrifice sustainable.

Slow Botanicals shave soap is botanically infused with local wildflowers and wild herbs & with garden grown flowers from my m
agical organic garden. I make this shave soap by hand in small batches. These are shave bars with a short ingredient list
that's clean, plant based and organic. 

Get the closest shave you can imagine!
Try a Slow Botanicals Shave Soap today!

Garden in spring evening nearing dusk. Purple flowers, vine on trellis, tall trees and skin in background. This is the slow botanicals garden to grow botanicals ingredients for shave soap.

Frequently Asked Questions: Slow Botanicals Shave Soap 

Q: Is Slow Botanicals Shave Soap for women or men?
A: Slow Botanicals Shave Soap is for both women and men. This shave bar is for shaving anywhere and everywhere you shave. 

Q: Do I need a shaving brush to use Slow Botanicals Shave Soap?
A: You don't need a shaving brush. You can use a shaving brush if that is your preference. This shave soap goes on well with or without a shaving brush.

Q: Should I put on cream after I shave my legs?
A: You don't need to put on cream after you shave your legs with this shave soap. Slow Botanicals shave bar is very moisturizing. 

Q: My skin is really sensitive. Do you think I can safely use this shave soap?
A: All Slow Botanicals skin care products are created for very sensitive skin. There are no extra fillers put into this shave soap, so there are no known irritants. Making a sting-free shave soap is the main reason there is no added fragrance or essential oil in Slow Botanicals natural soap or skin cream. Also no colors added. Slow Botanicals shave bar will nourish your skin while you shave.

Q: How do I use a Slow Botanicals Shave Soap?
A: It's so easy! Just lather and shave! Shaving with a shave soap is no different than shaving with shaving cream. Only differences are the low environmental impact of shave soap, that this shave soap is organic, and it will put a stop to your razor burn.
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