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Slow Botanicals will create a gift basket for you that you will be thrilled to give. This will be a gift that speaks volumes about you. When you give this gift, you will be showered with appreciation. How do I know? Because this is the feedback I receive. I will put together the most gorgeous gift basket that I can. Afterall, what you want to give is beauty. You might be giving a piece of your heart. You might be saying thank you. I will help you say it as beautifully as possible.


Each Gift Basket is filled with everlasting flowers and Slow Botanicals organic, small batch, plant based products. This is a sustainable gift for both men and women.  I create as manyBotanical Gift Baskets for men as I do for women.


You choose the amount you want to spend. Do you want to spend $80 or $100 on the basket? Do you want the flowers to be typically feminine or do you want  dried flowers which do not include pink? You choose.

For the $100 Gift Basket, you let me know if you would like Soap Bars (including the option of Shampoo Bar and Shaving Bar) and Skin Balms only or if you would like to include Cloth Napkins as well. 

For the $80 Gift Basket, choose Soap Bars (including the option of Shampoo Bar and Shaving Bar) only or Soap Bars and Skin Balm. 

Tell me a all about who you will be giving the gift to, so that I can make your gift personal. I want you to give a Gift Basket that your recipient will be thrilled with. That they will absolutely love! Tell me all about your recipient here, right after you place your order. Thanks!


Choose from options included and send me a message to tell me more about your preferences and story.


Please note that for Canadian orders, the shipping charge will be $26 Canadian Dollars (all other prices on this site are in USD). Due to the limitations of the shipping automations on this website, I might need to charge you more by etransfer in order to collect the total from you for shipping. I promise that I will make that process EASY.

Gift Baskets for Men and Women $80


    Thank you!

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