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How amazing would it be to see your reflection - minus the puffy under eyes? How amazing if your mirror gave up the dark circles? It would be amazing. AMAZING! Yes, I know it will be :) Take a long look at Best & Bright Eye Cream. This is your new best friend.

Best & Bright Organic Eye Cream feels like a dream going on. It's gentle enough to apply all around your eyes and on your lids. Yet it's powerful enough to be the difference you need. Hours after you apply Best & Bright Eye Cream, you and your delicate skin still feel loved and soothed. Apply it day or night. Day and night.

Slow Botanicals organic Best & Bright Eye Cream contains the little-known phenolic-Coumaric acid. This is straight from the wild plant ingredients in this eye cream. P-Coumaric acid protects against sun damage and prevents development of yet more dark pigmentation plaguing your under eyes. P-coumaric acid works with other naturally occuring chemical pathways to lighten the dark circles you already have. It's a strong antioxidant, strengthening the ability of your skin to stay elastic. It reduces skin cell death, too, giving you a brighter complexion. An absolute powerhouse!

It doesn't stop there! Best & Bright Eye Cream is a strong anti-inflammatory cream that is high in flavanols. Both go a long way to un-puff your under eyes. They calm your skin.

All this is naturally occuring, directly from the wild plants Best & Bright is made from. Nothing extra added in. Ethically harvested by my own hands in both summer and winter, the ingredients share the best the earth has to freely give.  This is guilt-free, worry-free skin care that contains only 4 ingredients. No fillers and no extra ingredients to lower production costs. Everything in this skin cream matters. Each ingredient is there to heal. You'll definitely want to look through this blog post to find out more.

I guarantee Best & Bright Eye Cream will not irritate your skin. If it does, I will refund you the cost of this product along with the associated shipping charges.

All Slow Botanicals products are plant based, sustainable products made by hand in small batches.

Contains: Wild Poplar Buds, Wild Rose, Organic Cucumber, Certified Organic Olive Oil,Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Beeswax.
1 ounce in a glass jar

***Not for use in nipples of breastfeeding mothers.
***Do not spread all over body on infants.​

Best & Bright Eye Cream


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