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Natural Soap

You have dry skin? It's exasperated even by showering.
You only feel okay after (boring) smothering yourself in lotion.

You'd like it to be easy as jumping in and out of the shower.
You'd LOVE to go about your day without giving another thought to your skin.

('Cause there are more interesting things to circle round your head, right?)

🧴 You’re so tired of time lost slathering on all-over-body moisturizer. 
🧴 You’ve had it with wasting money on products that never work.
🧴 If your skin doesn’t get solved soon, you’re going to lose it.  Maybe cry.

                                                                          Worst of all, you'll give up and accept the situation as is 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

Pink and white bar of soap on a white soap dish with crystals and beach glass

"I bought a soap from you a few weeks ago and I'm in love! Deliciously creamy and moisturizing. And, last but not least, my sensitive skin loves it. Thank you!!" NB, Point Roberts, Washington

Yes, your skin is naturally dry. But, do you know: your soap is a BIG part of the problem, too?
You get in the shower, lather up, rinse away yesterday. You’ve just rinsed away your body’s natural oils.
Your skin can't recoup its loss.

Because to clean is all your bar soap was made to do. Your liquid soap, too.  Same goes for your expensive body wash. Seriously, your soap wasn't made for your skin. It was made for dirt!
Your soap was created to catch your attention with overwhelming scent. With decorative colors.

With swirling patterns.

The soap you're using definitely wasn't made for your skin. That's the truth.

The best soap is created for your skin:

🛀 hydrates your skin barrier.
🛀 nourishes your skin’s defense systems.
🛀 builds on what you already have going on.
🛀 calms what's not working.

Slow Botanicals does all this. It's the best soap for your skin. The best natural soap.