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When you look in the mirror and it gives you a jolt, a surprise - well, I totally get how you feel. For years, women ahead in years, expressed just this to me.

Somehow, we don’t think it will happen to us. You think you’ll look young forever. (That you’ll BE young forever – and, yes, you kind of are. That’s exactly what makes it so difficult!). You think you’ll never get wrinkles. You won’t be puffy in the morning. For sure, you won’t get age spots.

And then  *voila* you look in the mirror one day. You don’t look how you feel inside.

Yes, aging is real. It happens to all of us. But –and it’s a big but- this doesn’t mean you can’t have good skin. And it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t be satisfied with your reflection again.
Honestly, you can love your skin. You can love the way you look.


Regenerating Night Cream is made from botanicals known to do amazing things for your skin: brighten, tighten, soften, fade unwanted spots, reduce wrinkles, reverse UV damage, help build collagen, support natural exfoliation. Click on links below to check out fantastic scientific research on this! And here are posts on the blog:  5 Healing Ways of St. John's Wort, A Flower for Anti-Aging Skin Care and Chickweed Easily Lives Up to the Old Wives Tales.


Regenerating Night Cream by Slow Botanicals is an all natural skin cream made from perfect botanicals, hand-picked, HAND-CHOSEN, from the Slow Botanicals garden. Or harvested in the wild. If it’s not local, and not known as one of the best skin care botanicals, it doesn’t make the cut. The botanicals are then infused into certified organic olive oil and blended up with certified organic beeswax and/or domestic USA beeswax.

The pretty blue glass jar sitting on your counter speaks to how special this cream is. What else is noteworthy? You can’t forget this cream’s handmade: the label’s handwritten! Yes, this takes longer. In a world where so much is impersonal, this kind of connection is a ray of light in your day.


Add this cream to your shopping cart. Both your skin and your spirit will smile in gratitude. As it’s hand made from hand-picked botanicals, you can appreciate that only a certain number of jars can be made. It’s not coming out of a factory 😊



"I must tell you I am absolutely obsessed with your herbal cream!! It is EXACTLY what I was needing!! -TF, Writer & Actor, Point Roberts, WA


Slow Botanicals products are entirely pure. You don’t sacrifice comfortable skin for the sake of looking great. This night cream will not irritate or sting your skin. If Regenerating Night Cream irritates your skin, let Slow Botanicals know within 14 days and the cost of the cream, along with associated shipping costs, will be refunded.


The first version of this formula was first created in 1993. It was a hit right off the bat. Since then it’s been refined again and again to the perfect product that it is now.


Knowing how well it works, I continue to educate myself as to why! That’s the only way I can keep on creating better and better products for you. I’m not one to rest on my laurels. Plus, I care about my own skin and this is what I use. I want the best for both of us.


If you want a product that quickly burns away your top layer of  skin, revealing exposed, shiny, new skin below, this is not the night cream for you. If you’re willing to let your skin suffer for fashion, say with a strong retinol cream, this is also not for you.

If nourishing your way to healthy and beautiful skin is appealing, Regenerating Night Cream is made for you. If you want to work with your skin, and not in spite of it, so it looks and feels its best, this is the botanical night cream for you.

Check this out: Your “skin contains circadian clock genes, which play a role in the regulation of the circadian rhythm.”


As a result, your skin absorbs more of what you give it during the night than what’s on offer during the day. The best skin care is about far more than hydration. Why not soak up all the benefits of 8 botanicals in your nighttime moisturizer?!?! Because, really, hydration alone is not enough to give you the skin you want to see in the mirror.


Sound like the cream for you? Go ahead and place a jar in your cart!
After you place your order, please send me a note to share a little tidbit about you - I’d love to connect with you. I’m genuinely interested to know more about YOU. Maybe tell me, what’s your favorite flower and/or what’s your ideal Saturday morning look like? Really! I’m looking forward to a personal message from you.

"I love your are such a talent." SR, Point Roberts, Washington 

And this one makes me laugh and feel her relief, all at the same time!: 
"I just had to tell you that your wonderful cream has totally fixed my irritated neck of leather! I was sure I’d have to live out the rest of my days with a neck like a reptile. But no. Thank you so much!" LC, Film Prop Maker, Finn Slough, British Columbia

Ingredients: Wild Plantain, Wild Yarrow, Wild Chickweed, Wild Clover, Wild St. John's Wort, Wild Rose, Organic Calendula, Organic Lavender, Certified Organic Olive Oil and Certified Organic Beeswax and/or Domestic USA Beeswax
Two ounces in a blue glass jar.
*Contains no added fragrance or essential oil.

Research Links: Circadian Rhythms, Caratenoids, St. John's Wort


Regenerating Night Cream 2 Ounces


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