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A flower for anti aging skin care

Last fall I planted the seeds for my retinol flowers. I gently nurtured the seedlings all winter long. I’m thrilled by how well they’ve adjusted to life in the garden. So far, I haven’t lost a single one. They’ve all survived! Such a strong little plant.

One of my favourite flowers, I’m fascinated by the way their orange and yellow flowers are able to absorb the sunlight that chlorophyll misses out on. They absorb extra oxygen, too. Most flowers just can't do this. She's so cool. I’ve chosen this year to grow the most carotenoid-packed-variety I can find. Elsewhere in the garden I’m growing more ornamental kinds, fairer in color but beautiful in bouquets. The sunny blooms of this extra rich orange variety are reserved for my anti aging skin care products alone.

Because you see, retinol has amazing skin benefits for you. You've probably heard it makes your skin look younger. This is because retinol increases collagen production, meaning your skin has better bounce-back after you connect with a warm smile. The benefits don’t stop there. Slather on retinol flower cream before you sleep at night and you'll increase your skin cell production and natural exfoliation of the old, worn-out cells that make you feel dull. Wake up in the morning and shine brightly! Retinol even unclogs pores, reducing blemishes. Kind of a wonder drug, right?

But you’ve heard, and maybe seen for yourself, how intense retinol can be? So damaging! Burnt skin, increased UV sensitivity. Have you ever felt it? Well, this particular retinol flower, that I'm growing, actually offers some UV protection from the sun. So, no worries there when you use your night cream. And unlike the retinol you've used in the past, research and experience show that this flower reduces inflammation. This retinol actually soothes the skin! How great is that?

Garden with blue bench and gray house in background.

Still young right now, it won't be long until my retinol flowers grow tall, branch and bloom prolifically and make my heart swell. I’ll go out to my garden, basket in hand, glorious summer sun overhead, and pick them one at a time, admiring each and every one. I sense that your skeptical. Umm, yeah... Okay. So, retinol flowers? I confess, that’s not their actual name. And you deserve to know what these miracle beauties are really called!

What did I actually plant last fall? What have I tended lovingly through the cold months? What have I tenderly transplanted into my skin care garden? What am I absolutely excited about watching bloom? What will I be harvesting by hand on sunny days? What will I be thrilled to process into moisturizing soap for your dry skin? And mine? What skin cream ingredient is a prized participant in my Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream?

Pink sweet peas growing in background and orange calendula flowers in the foreground, grown for makin anti aging skin care products.

Ta da! This amazing flower is none other than Calendula! As you can tell, she's a favourite of mine. I'm confident she'll be a favorite friend of yours, too! She's really fantastic! Learn more about how I use beautiful Calendula in my skin care products. Click on these links Regenerating Night Cream and Organic Calendula Soap Bar

Bar of organic natural bar soap filled with visible orange calendula petals. On a ceramic cream colored soap dish on white windowsill with conch shell next to soap dish.

Wishing you all my best! Chwynyn


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