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Suds up with this rich, resinous dream bar to take your shower to a whole other level. When I made the first Wild Poplar Moisturizing Soap, I began searching for excuses to get back in the shower. It feels that good. Luxury is  a cliché I hesitate to use. But there's no other word. I had no idea soap could feel this good!

"Oh my yes! Showered with the poplar soap yesterday. Oh my god it was a completely different experience! My skin felt plump and renewed, fresh, clean, nourished and luxurious. Sensational soaps! My skin is looking even better by the day." AT, Langley, BC, Canada

Let me share a bit about the behind-the-scenes of this bar. When winter winds blow, I harvest sticky sweet buds off  poplar branches that break and fall. While I work, I breathe in the distinct, resinous fragrance. In my studio, I blend the poplar buds with certified organic oils to make a supremely moisturizing, anti-inflammatory bar that is by far the richest soap I make. How it soothes. What a special soap bar. Read my soap making journey on the blog.

"As a relatively long-time user of Chwynyn’s soaps I can definitely say they have improved the quality of my life. I have VERY sensitive skin and have struggled to find a soap that didn’t trigger issues.

Upon hearing my story, Chwynyn recommended two different kinds of her handmade soap that she thought would work for me and I have been using them happily ever since.

Chwynyn is very knowledgeable about the ingredients that she puts into her soaps and how those ingredients affect your skin. I am certainly glad that she is here on the Point and I can’t say enough about her soaps." -ME, Point Roberts, Washington

To extend this comforting skin experience, follow your bath with Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream or Anti-Inflammatory+Antioxidant Cream. Both creams contain wild poplar buds and bring peace to your skin. Poplar buds have seemingly supernormal powers. Learn more about poplar bud skin care here.

"...and your soap! I just LOVE them!! The best soap bars ever! The smell of these soaps is just so light and ethereal."  -KKH, Vermont

Vegan, plant based, sustainable, made by hand in small batches.
116 bars sold

I promise Wild Poplar Moisturizing Soap bar will not irritate your skin even when you have eczema or psoriasis. If your skin is irritated at all, let me know within seven days and I will refund you the cost of the soap and associated shipping costs.

Contains: Wild Poplar Buds, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Distilled Water


Each bar of soap weighs approximately 110 grams

***For extra caution, don't use this Poplar Bud soap for bathing infants. This warning is specific to Poplar Bud soap, only.

Wild Poplar Moisturizing Soap


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