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Imagine the peace when you start your morning with a self care ritual of hand picked wild roses and organic lavender.  Flowers that will go on soothing your skin all day long. Just imagine how calming this will be.


You won't doubt any of the ingredients in your day cream. You won't make sacrifices, trade offs or feel any guilt in exchange for your extra, extra moisturized skin that's dewy and soft.

"I love that I know where they come from, who has made them, the ingredients inside them and the love that was part of the process." 
CS, Washington


Created from entirely pure ingredients blended with hand picked wild roses and organic lavender, this every day moisturizer is made in small batches in a tiny seaside community in the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about wild roses that go into rose cream: go over to the blog.


I guarantee that this every day moisturizer will be gentle on your skin. If this cream irritates your skin, Slow Botanicals will refund you the cost of the day cream. I don't want you to worry.

"I adore the floral balm more than any other. I've heard how roses are the best for my skin & you've done the work for me. Thank you." CZ, Washington


Ingredients: Wild Rose Petals, Organic Lavender Buds, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Bees Wax
*Contains no added fragrance or essential oil

2 oz in a glass jar

Floral Day Cream 2 Ounces


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