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Do you have the hair you want? Does it express your inner shine? Is it speaking volumes about the very you that you show the world?


Over the years, your hair has dulled and it doesn't have the body you know it should.


You pick up shampoo bottles at the store, turn them around to read the back label and there's that sinking feeling again. You're looking for something healthy and pure. You're looking for ingredients that resonate with your values. I know how it feels to turn off that part of your brain, to think you have to shut the voice down if you're going to have the hair you want. Because that was me, too. For a long time.

But over the years, my other voice grew stronger:  I ​​have to shine. To feel good I've got to be true to myself.

So I created a shampoo bar for you and for me I'm confident to use. Yes, I threw the last shampoo and conditioner bottles in the bin. In exchange, I have far more beautiful hair and a cleaner conscious. I'm not the only one who has nicer hair.

"I have been using this Shampoo for a year now. I love it because it is completely natural, it smells great, just like a baby soap, and it does a great job. It foams extremely well and leaves my hair clean, but not over-dried.
I had used 3-4 different bars of shampoo before and I found that the natural oils in them dried my hair a bit too much. Some of the bars I had used were store bought and some were handmade locally but with natural DoTerra oils in them. They all over-dried my hair which is highlighted and needs proper moisture and maintenance.
This Shampoo Bar seems to be much more gentle on my hair. It also makes me feel good about putting only natural
ingredients in my hair and not any chemicals. I love the fact that there is no plastic packaging, no unsustainable natural oils, no carbon footprint from transportation and factories.I also love supporting a small local business. This Shampoo Bar not only makes my hair feel great, but it also makes me feel good about supporting the environment and my community" MH, Delta BC

The Slow Botanicals Shampoo Bar is a small batch product I've carefully formulated. It makes your hair really clean with no product build-up, gives more volume, enhances your unique hair color (that's being buried by other shampoos), and gives lots of shine. Pink Wild Roses, harvested in my pristine seaside locale, nourish your hair while you wash.

How do you use this shampoo bar? Wet your hair really well. Wash and rinse your hair, then wash and rinse a second time. Don't use conditioner! You don't need it. Dry and style as you usually do and you're good to go!

Good to go out into the world, that is, confidently connecting with the real you.

"I have had some good liquid shampoos in the past but they are no longer available. I was not happy with what I was using as my hair seemed to get dirty again very quickly.
I mentioned this to Chwynyn and she recommended her shampoo bar. I love this product! It lathers well and rinses cleanly, leaving my hair soft and the curls of my perm happy. I pat my hair dry, lightly spritz with a leave-in conditioner, run a comb through - and I'm good to go. The shampoo bar itself is long lasting and free of heavy scents. And the best part is my hair looks and feels clean for days." -Barb Wayland, Point Roberts, Washington

Vegan and plant based. Suitable for chemically treated hair.


Ingredients: Wild Rose flowers, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Food Grade Citric Acid, Sodium Lactate, Water
100 grams



"Literally the BEST shampoo bar, or bottle, that I have Ever used!! ps my best compliment is that is also works AWESOME on my pup, Yarrow. So gentle and soothing for him, too...and makes his coat so soft, shiny and fresh." TF, Washington

Nourishing Shampoo Bar - Wild Rose


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