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What would you say to a skin cream you’ve NEVER heard of before? That you’ve NEVER seen anywhere else? You might be game? Then read on! This is an organic skin cream that solves and prevents problems, doing BOTH at the SAME time. A rare skin cream that is limited in quantity because it’s made entirely of wild ingredients I harvest only in the frosty cold months of the year.

A nourishing and anti inflammatory winter skin cream created out of four wild…well, I can’t say herbs because, well, one of the ingredients is a mushroom. And wait, another is a lichen. Then there’s the tree bud. I suppose wild rose hips are a common ingredient.


Known for its earthy, resinous fragrance, this use-anywhere-and-everywhere winter skin cream has a loyal following. Plant based and sustainable, Wild Winter Skin Blend contains no added fragrance or essential oils. Use this as a day cream, night cream, eye cream, psoriasis cream, rash cream and hand cream. 

Learn more about what makes this skin cream so very, very effective by going to this post on the blog.


Wherever you use it, grab it fast because it's only available until the made-in-2023 stock runs out!

"I knew I'd love this stuff! (Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream)! I just smothered my lips with it. I can feel the healing." QL, Washington


Ingredients: Wild Poplar Buds, Wild Turkey Tail Mushrooms, wild usnea lichen, Wild Rose Hips, Certified Organic Olive oil, Certified Organic Bees Wax, Domestic USA Bees Wax

Two ounces in a glass jar.

*ingredient list in photos is not accurate
***Not for use in nipples of breastfeeding mothers.
***Do not spread allover body on infants.

Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream 2 Ounces


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