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I am grateful for my customers and feel fortunate to share wonderful relationships with these great people who purchase and appreciate my hand made products.


I knew I'd love this stuff! (Winter Blend Skin Balm)! I just smothered my lips with it. I can feel the healing. -Q.G.

My neighbour was given one of your bouquets. She's over the moon about it. Absolutely stunning! -G.O.

I know for my husband and his severe skin condition, your soap is the only one he will use. K.P.F.

I adore the balm (floral balm) more than any other. Regretting getting only one, if you have another, I'll take it. I've heard how roses are the best for my skin & you've done the work for me. Thank you. C.Z.

I'm loving my basket of goodies. I love soaps especially as well as the napkins. You're gifted. -K.B.

I don't know what kind of magic potions you are making but holy cow!!! I was able to get back to sleep and was totally more calm at work sipping my tincture. You have converted me to herbal remedies!!!!! I will be buying a ton more. -K.F.

THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful surprise my hubby gave me for Mother's Day! You are so talented! I loved everything! Your creams are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! -S.M. local customer

I bought an espresso soap from you a few weeks ago and I'm in love! Deliciously creamy and moisturizing. And, last but not least, my sensitive skin loves it. Thank you!! -N.B. local customer

Love what I got!!!! -N.J. online customer

The website is beautiful! It really captures 'you' and essence of your offerings.

I love my cloth napkins and use them every day. I put the salve on at night before I go to bed. And if I feel my body needs it, I take one of the tinctures. I love that I know where they come from, who has made them, the ingredients inside them and the love that was part of the process. -C.S. local customer

The cloth napkins are perfect and I will use them a lot. And I have already slathered my face with your magical balm. I am happy. Thank you again for letting me shop with you again this afternoon!! -local customer

I must tell you I am absolutely obsessed with your herbal balm!! It is EXACTLY what I was needing!! -local customer

This is long overdue but I wanted to thank you for the beautiful products that you so obviously put your heart and soul into. -local customer

I love your are such a talent. -S.R. local customer

Chwynyn, we absolutely love the wreath you made for us. You mean a lot to us, thank you for everything you do! -C.Z. local customer

Your soap is amazing! -local customer

Thanks so much for everything you do and for who you are. -local customer

Thank you Chwynyn,The wreath is soooooo beautiful thank you again! I  very much appreciate having your artistry on the Point! -local customer

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