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You're giving a nurturing gift of self-care when you give the Slow Botanicals gift basket. Slow Botanicals products, allergen-free, are created with sensitive skin in mind. This makes this gift basket a safe bet for everyone on your list.

But even a gift that's good for everyone needs to feel personal! I'll create a handwritten note to add to your gift basket. Let me know what you want to say! 

Each basket is unique, which means each basket can be as feminine or as masculine, and everything in between, as you wish.
This is easy to do with a large natural product range that includes -but isn't limited to- shampoo bars, shave soaps, black salt soap bars, resinous skin creams, floral creams, flowery soap and bars embellished with pink salt crystals. 

Feeling nervous about gifting products you haven't yet tried? Read customer reviews (aka love letters) of Slow Botanicals products.

The packaging color can be tailored to your taste, too. This is easy to do because all the packing materials in the natural bamboo basket are actually dried flowers,  straight from my organic garden here in Washington State.
That's it! No shredded paper or styrofoam noodles!

This is the prettiest and most natural packaging you can imagine!

Let me know your color range preference for dried flowers - or I can choose for you. With a background in design, I know your basket has to be beautiful!

The Slow Botanicals Organic Gift Basket contains:
-4 oz total of skin cream in glass jars (made up of 1 oz and 2 oz size skin creams) and 
-4 handmade soap bars, which can include a shampoo bar and/or shave soap. If you want, you can choose. I can also make it easy and choose for you.

Shipping available for the US and Canada.

Let me know what you'd like to say and I'll include a handwritten note in your gift basket. 

Place your gift basket in your cart and check out. Once I receive your order, I'll send you an email so you can customize and I promise to make personalization easy for you. 

Here are enthusiastic messages from customers:

"THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful surprise my hubby gave me for Mother's Day! You are so talented! I loved everything! Your creams are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!" SM, Washington State

"Got it!! Thank you :) It (gift basket) arrived in perfect state. She is sooo happy. She is enjoying the balm already. Thank you!" EB, Montréal, Québec

"Thank you again, I can't even tell you how much I love your healing on my hands and nails. Then I rub the residual in my hair! Proud to display on my bathroom counter. Cheers to you!" QL, Washington State

"Such wonderful cream! I use it everyday and give it as gifts to everyone!" SP, Washington State

"Fast shipping, well packaged, and great quality. The description lured me in, and the quality of the product is impressive." CR, Indiana

Give the gift of comfortable skin. Give the gift of slow beauty.
Give the best all natural, handcrafted, artisanal products. Make your friends happy - give the gift of glowing skin!

Natural Skin Care Gift Basket - Customizable


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