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Please Enjoy the Photos

Dreamy Poppies are Blooming Everywhere in the Garden

I knew exactly what I wanted to write about this week. I have been reflecting on this topic for the last couple of weeks. But the kids started summer holidays, hot weather moved in, and I followed through on my vision board quotes of "A Better Summer", "Family Routines to Refresh for Summer" and "For Family Fun". Last weekend, my daughter had a blast at our local celebration of volunteers and both my children soaked up the heat and cooled off in the ocean with friends. Our family also spent a day at The Museum of Vancouver because although we live in a tiny rural town where the kids spend an inordinate amount of time climbing trees, we are trying to provide them with a cultural context to their lives.

Celebrating Henry, One of My Favourite People and Local Volunteer

All of this is to say that this week was a win for my family, but I didn't have time to write the post that I was looking forward to. I hope you will accept my apology and that you will enjoy a photo newsletter, with images to illustrate what has been taking place in my garden and life this week.

Tree Climbing Kid

If you are local and want to catch up more than this, please come visit me this Saturday, July 2nd at Your Local Small Market outdoors at the Point Roberts Community Center from 10am to 2pm. Now that the sun is shining, I think I will even have flower bouquets with me!

Flowers for a Special Customer

Sage in Full Bloom

Sage Bouquet - Destined to be Dried

Sweet Peas - Finally!

Museum of Vancouver

Poppies - Beautiful Blooms Followed by Sensational Seed Heads for Wreaths

Special Batch - Hawaiian Black Lava Salt - Just for Local Customers

Gathering Goatsbeard for Wreaths

Thanks for looking back on my week with me. I hope you found some joy for yourself somewhere in these photos.

All the best! Wishing a wonderful long weekend to those of you in Canada and the US!


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