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Holidays are on the Way

The last couple of weeks have flown by. I know that much has happened. Our first frost and snow, a huge wind storm, power outages, Halloween (I can't resist sharing the adorable Halloween photo above. Here's to childhood friends!), and school report cards. Lots of creating, too. Dried flowers wreaths, evergreen wreaths, lots of skin balm, gift baskets and gift bags.

For some reason, however, my mind has also been a more quiet than usual. Sitting at my computer today, nothing in particular is bubbling beneath the surface. There is nothing I feel compelled to write about. I wouldn't call it writer's block. Rather I am quite still.

If you are one of my new subscribers, or you haven't already read all of my newsletters, you can enjoy plenty of more substantial writing on my blog. Follow this link to read the rest of my posts.

I also invite you to come out to Your Local Small Market this Saturday, November 16th, from 10am to 2pm at the Point Roberts Community Center. I am starting my holiday shopping now.

I imagine that you are, too. YLSM is a wonderful place to shop for thoughtfully made, handmade presents. These gifts are far more special than anything you can find in a regular shop. In a time where we are surrounded everywhere by mass made goods, handmade has become what is cherished most. I am grateful to my fellow vendors, that they give me a great selection for my own gift giving!

Please come out to Your Local Small Market on Saturday!

And have a wonderful week!


Slow Botanicals are available at

Westham Island Herb Farm, Delta, BC

International Marketplace, Point Roberts, WA

Your Local Small Market, Point Roberts, WA

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