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pure organic salt soap

Slow Botanicals

  Your True Beauty

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About Slow Botanicals

Do you want true beauty?

Do you want products that both look good and feel good? Yes. But really, that's not enough, is it? You want products that actually are good for you. Truly good for you!
And a short ingredient list!


Well, you're describing Slow Botanicals.

Here's why:

Slow botanicals are created by hand, for you,  in small batches from pure, organic and wild ingredients hand picked in pristine wild settings and grown organically in my own special garden.

Slow Botanicals Skin Balms and Soap Bars make your skin feel nourished, comfortable, fantastic. 
Your skin will glow and look younger.

And Slow Botanicals Soap Bars and Skin Balms are

just so pretty.

Your environment matters, too.


Your home should be filled with beauty and comfort. You should feel a sense of calm as you move around your home.
Slow Botanicals Home Products are handmade and sustainable. These one-of-a-kind additions to your living space reflect
 your independent spirit and remind you that you are special. As you look around, you 
feel your best.

Slow Botanicals - Your True Beauty

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 Botanicals Grown and Wildcrafted for You

in an Idyllic Seaside Town

Wild, organic, Pure,
Your True Beauty

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