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Markets and More

August has continued to be full. Harvesting of veggies, fruit and flowers has continued. In my studio, I can see less and less of my ceiling as I keep tying up blooms to dry.

At the same time, I began taking down flowers as I made the first of my dried flower wreaths of the season. I hadn't made a wreath for half a year. Rather, I have spent the summer working with fresh flowers. It was time to change gears and I was grateful to my husband for taking the kids out for the day to Vancouver, while I dove into the fun of creating with all of the materials I spent months preparing for this moment. I wanted to be alone while I switched creative hats. For me, changing gears requires extra concentration. I had an excellent time and I was energized as I picked and chose flowers, grasses and colours to use. I was delighted to watch the wreaths form and fill out right in front of me after so many months of imagining. Being surrounded with dried flowers is a way for me to stay close to nature. Creating with dried flowers allows the emotions within me, engendered by the natural world, to keep on singing loudly through all the cycles of the year - even those when little is growing. If you would like to purchase a dried flower wreath, please get in touch or come out and visit Your Local Small Market. Wreaths can be shipped, too! My wreaths will be added to my website as I make them.

Last weekend I was honoured to create all the flowers for an engagement party. I was lucky to be able to attend the party, as well, and was deeply moved by how close this family is. They all speak highly of each other, and the love and respect are palpable when they do. Speeches were beautiful and moved me to tears. The location was gorgeous and the ambience was personal and whimsical. I am grateful that I was asked to be a part of this celebration, which felt like a preview to the life ahead for this lovely couple.

There have been so many markets this month and they still continue through right to the Saturday of Labour Day weekend. I never planned to do markets! I wasn't particularly attracted to standing all day at a table full of my wares because the truth is that I am a real homebody. However, I attended one market last summer and I was sold. Although I am a homebody, I also love the connection that comes from being with people and engaging in great conversations. I meet lots of new people at every market. I have the opportunity to continue to build and deepen relationships that have already begun, both with those coming out to the markets, and with other vendors. The energy that the market days fill me with, that come from making these connections and from sharing who I am and what I create, are all a part of what propelled me to create Your Local small Market alongside Kathleen of Ollie Otter Bakery. It makes me very happy to see other artisans taking part, and growing their businesses, too. There is an exhilaration in this.

The artisans at our market are compelled to make thoughtful work. The success of Your Local small Market has given us all a platform to keep on building our skills that are guided by our interests and passions. Thank you so much for attending the market. We will have a market on Saturday, August 27th and the following Saturday as well, September 3rd. Then we will be taking a break until October 8th.

If you want to purchase anything from myself or other vendors during our pause, please know that you can always get in touch with any of us during that time. Every week, I put special orders out into the Garden Stand for pick up. I will continue to fill the Garden Stand with flower bouquets every Saturday. Please watch for other special days throughout the week when I put out flowers. (I usually advertise these days in advance).

I will have flowers in the Garden Stand every Saturday. Please request flowers for other days.

Your Local Small Market is Saturday, August 27th and September 3rd from 10am-2pm, outdoors at the Point Roberts Community Center. Come visit us!

Slow Botanicals are available at

Westham Island Herb Farm, Delta, BC

International Marketplace, Point Roberts, WA

Your Local Small Market, Point Roberts, WA

Have a wonderful week!


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