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Exfoliating is the Way for Naturally Bright Pretty Skin

We all want pretty skin

Was there a moment in your young life when a voice came bubbling up from inside that said: “I want to be pretty. Now!” An unmistakable, unquenchable voice? When we’re young and we first hear that voice, it leads us into the craziest trends -the square eyebrows of 4 or 5 years ago?!; revealing clothing -I’m grateful for my daughter’s school dress code: no crop tops or bralets. (I’m so modest, I won’t even let my daughter go with leggings worn on their own). Do you thank your lucky stars you didn’t grow up in the age of Instagram? Scrolling through the feeds of teenagers and 20 somethings in my life – it’s not for the faint of heart. Just looking, makes me blush.

(I guess we all have our own thoughts on being attractive. At my age, mine has a lot more to do with healthy skin than sexy poses in skimpy outfits. Relate?) This inevitable inner voice is singing through my daughter, now. I must say she’s having a lot of fun with this. Yet, I’m afraid of the arguments to come. Will she be one of those girls who changes clothes once she gets to school? Last year, secreting away my mascara and eyeliner, they were confiscated at school. I found out with a phone call. I had to tread carefully at home when we talked. I didn't want to squash her natural impulses. And I want her relationship with beauty to be healthy.

Little girl standing in garden full of flowers
My Daughter in the Garden

My son? He doesn’t understand why anyone cares about being pretty or handsome. So boring, he says. Such a waste of time. I’m kinda jealous.

No longer possessing young skin, I'm pretty sure I care now more than ever.

What NOT to do if you want pretty skin

I remember when first thoughts about my skin began. I was 14 or 15. Right around the age skin starts to run into trouble. So, I looked up to women older than me and I asked. I was handed a buff puff and some astringent. Really, I didn’t need either. Wrong tools. They must have done more harm than good.

When I recall that repackaged, remarketed dish scrubby, (I can’t think of anything else it'd be good for), I can only picture a red, slightly raw, overly-shiny face. The astringent? At least it prevented any infections the buff puff might have started?!

Skin Changes with Age

But you know, really that scrub was too much because your skin didn't start to lose its innate ability to exfoliate on its own, until you hit your mid 30s or 40s. Do you know your skin naturally exfoliates on its own? That’s why little kids don’t need to wash their faces, why their skin is so fresh and beautiful. Wipe off the leftover food and dirt and they’re good to go. But then... we hit the moment we need some help. More than just grime, we need to remove a layer of dead skin cells sitting there and collecting. (I hope you’re not eating, because that’s a gross image). For most of us, the difference between good skin and not-pretty skin is really just the difference of that layer being or not being.

Good news is, if you want bright, lustrous skin, it’s in your reach. If you want dull skin? You don’t care what your skin looks like? Hat’s off to you! I feel the same about you as I do my son! Jealous 👧🏻

Let's assume you're among those of us who care. Bright skin’s not only in your reach. It’s EASILY in your reach. Because if you use the right products, you can have good skin.

Not just good skin. Nourished skin. I don’t believe tough love is the best tactic for your sensitive, delicate skin. This journey through life should be one of healing. Say no to the buff puff method. Like your spirit, your skin should be nurtured. Your skin deserves to be comforted & supported. It's best in a calm environment.

Your skin can return to its bright, youthful presence. Every single day. Without an extravagant routine. It’s simple as soap and moisturizer. Which is good. Because it's embarrassing even just writing about skin care. I feel like I'm supposed to be above this. But I'm not. And you?

Woman in wild rose bushes where she's picking roses for natural and slow skin care products
Still Think About Being Pretty?

You do have to pick the soap and hydration with the the right ingredients. The ingredients that you want to see on your counter. The pretty ones that conjure up a field of wildflowers . Not a chemistry lab.

Botanical Exfoliants for Bright Skin

It all comes down to all natural, botanical exfoliants. There are two kinds: physical and chemical. In the case of Slow Botanicals, "chemical" refers to the way ingredients interact with your skin. Not conventional “chemicals”, they're pure & straight from the garden and wilds.

Physical exfoliants rub off worn out skin cells lingering on your body and face. They need to be gentle. Otherwise, the surface of your skin is prone to infection. Slow Botanicals makes several exfoliating soap bars that combine with organic olive and coconut oils to hydrate your skin while they work their skin renewing magic. Keeping your skin hydrated means your skin works well. You're powering your skin’s exfoliating muscle-memory.

Stack of exfoliant poppy seed and plantain soap bar for the shower. Soap bars surrounded by poppy seed heads. Natural ingredients.
Exfoliate with a Poppy Seed Shower Soap

Slow Botanicals exfoliating soap bars include the new Poppy Seed and Plantain Exfoliating Shower Soap and all the salt soaps in the Natural Exfoliating Soap Collection. These are made for your face, hands and body. Onto chemical exfoliants. Naturally occurring carotenoids work with your skin to turn on your own skin abilities. You find lots of carotenoids in calendula. Find my garden-grown calendula in the Regenerating Night Cream and in Wild Winter Blend Plus Calendula, which is fantastic day or night. You can find both in the Calendula Collection.

What’s another way to reinforce your body’s own ability to exfoliate? When you’re young, your skin exfoliates on its own. Because your skin barrier is still living up to its potential. You still have that ability now - it’s just more sluggish. Support your skin barrier and you support its ability to exfoliate (along with other important functions such as preventing eczema and wrinkles)! Bringing me now to share my belief that fillers and inactive ingredients have no place in your skin care products. Slow Botanicals uses olive oil and bees wax in its creams. Yes, they’re fantastic carriers, yes they keep moisture in, and yes they’re what makes cream “cream”. All those yeses. Plus, even bigger yeses, they provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and skin renewing wonderfulness. And they do it fast. Just like young skin 👶

Little girl from 1970s in white stockings and black mary janes
Me & My Baby Skin

Exfoliating is the way for naturally bright pretty skin!

This is good news….because that voice that bubbles up from inside, no matter our age? That sings out, celebrating pretty? It's never going to stop. Might as well listen. Especially since it's so easy.

Wishing you and your pretty skin loving self a beautiful day!


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