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Organic Skin Cream

Changes come with Aging

Your skin is changing. There’s no getting around the way that makes you feel.

Nothing can prepare you for the experience of watching your skin change right before your eyes. I remember when this first happened to me, as though someone was dragging a squeegee across my forehead,  revealing an all new skin texture.

That pushed me into action!

It’s happening fast, right? 

Your deep, essence-of-you, self doubts are diminishing
Your insecurities about physical aging are

You love who you’re becoming inside:
❀ You know what you want 
❀ Your spirit is shining
❀ You feel strong 
❀ You're carving out me-time

So many revelations about YOU!

But you look less and less like you. This part's destabilizing.

chwynyn aril 25th studio 3_edited.jpg

What if I told you, you can have it all? That you can
feel like you and look like you all at once?

slow botanicals calendula flowers skincare products background

Your skin doesn’t
have to be less healthy as you age.

You can pick an organic skin cream in alignment with your valuesvalues that are getting clearer and clearer each year.

Shop Organic Skin Cream!

"My husband finally began using Slow Botanicals skin cream a year ago. After several months he began hearing 'What are YOU using? You’re look younger every time I see you!' He heard this every time he went out.
The latest question, a hushed: 'Are you using botox?' Which is quite funny. If you knew my husband and how we live! Botox is obviously out of the question."
CV Point Roberts, Washington (*CV: that's me! But this is still a true story!)

this just goes to show it works!

"Before beginning work for the day, I was walking my big poodle and little Pomeranian on the side of the road in our rural quiet community. What I didn’t expect was a severe allergic reaction on my face from touching some wild plant. It was red and itchy and getting worse by the second.

I came home as quickly as I could and pulled out of the drawer a jar of Slow Botanical’s Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Blend, smeared it on my face, and within minutes the itching and redness was gone.

I now have four jars so that I do not run out! I use it daily on my face and under my eyes. Very grateful to Chwynyn for this wild poplar bud, turkey tail mushroom, organic olive oil and beeswax blend." MB, Clinical Psychologist Point Roberts, Washington

"I’ve struggled with seasonal allergies for years and yet it always catches me by surprise. I get earaches, sinus congestion and lots of inflammation around my neck and throat. Typically, I try an off the shelf allergy and sinus medication and/or steroid based nasal sprays which have a lot of side effects.

This time I applied the Slow Botanicals Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream to my neck, over my throat, behind my ears and below my eyes. The relief was immediate, and with no side effects! This cream had a real impact and I’m going to make it part of a program for me: more water, less inflammatory foods and the topical use of this Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream.

To someone considering purchasing this cream I say: Try it! Try it for many applications. If you’re taking a lot of ibuprofen or topical anti-inflammatory creams for pain, this is a great alternative and isn't damaging to your skin." RO, Tech, Vancouver, BC

glass jar of natural day cream made from rose, lavender and cucumber with dried lavender aprigs in front of galss jar

The right botanicals calm and condition your skin so it's soft & smooth from dawn to dusk.

blue glass jar with gold lid of all natural night cream made from botanicals that are listed on the handwritten label. Dried yarrow flowers displayed with glass jar on linen fabric.

Circadian rhythms program your skin so that powerful botanicals heal & renew 

clear glass jar of all natural best and bright eye cream for fragile skin. Dried wild roses are displayed with glass jar.

Botanicals aid your skin to brighten fragile skin around  eyes & ease inflammation

And it’s not just about appearances. You and me? We’re above appearance for appearance sake. You want to glow because you're truly healthy, inside and out.

My slow living philosophy, partnered with a passion for pure, hand-picked botanicals, is the foundation of every jar of Slow Botanicals skin cream. Slow Beauty in its highest form.

Slow Botanicals skin cream is made from certified organic olive oil and certified organic and/or domestic USA beeswax.


These ingredients support and build the health of your skin barrier. This is a fancy word for the surface of you which meets the world.


Your own boundaryprotecting you from everything that’s not-so-nice in your environment. Your skin barrier's keeping out unwanted bacteria, viruses and infections. And it’s what keeps you comfy as you go through the chaos that is day to day life.

What Slow Botanicals are in the jar?

Now you know they're not fillers. Important ingredients, organic olive oil and beeswax, are methodically blended with botanicals I harvest by hand.

I pick only perfect botanicals. If a botanical’s not at its peak, I don’t use it. I don’t order in flowers and herbs - because then I'd have no idea what I’m really getting.

Growing and picking my own herbal ingredients, I know I'm using only the best and I’m in control of EVERY SINGLE STEP.


I have zero interest in being mediocre. If you’re not sure whether to believe this, consider: I’m using these products, too. If I don’t look good? That's because I'm not healthy & I'm not happy.

I'm healthy & I'm happy & I'm inspiring you to do the same.

A question for you to answer:

I have to ask you: This boundary where your inner & outer worlds connect -

Would you rather meet yourself with a lab-created product, made with far-off-sourced plant ingredients, and pumped into containers in a soulless factory?


Or do you prefer to unite your whole self, smoothing on hand-picked botanicals, grown on location, blended into passion-project skin cream? Skin cream of the highest quality, hand-poured into glass jars, one at a time?

Which option aligns with YOUR values?

slow beauty from the slow botanicals garden. Many pink and white flowers. Greenhouse in background. Sun shining.

If you missed all that...

The jar of Slow Botanicals organic skin cream you're putting in your cart is:

-made from hand-picked botanicals

-includes only best-for-your-skin ingredients

-made with certified organic olive oil

-blended with the most eco-sustainable ingredient around: bees wax

-handmade with love in small batches in Washington State

-hand-poured into glass jars

-packaged in compostable (yes, backyard-compostable!) salvaged art paper, unbleached parchment paper, natural jute string

-gives you the best skin you’ve ever had

-aligns with your values

-surpasses your standards

Have a question you don't see answered? Check out these
Frequently Asked Questions about Slow Botanicals organic skin cream.

Don't see the answer to your question? Email

Q: How do I wear sunscreen and your Slow Botanicals skin cream together?
A: Sunscreen will prevent skin damage and signs of aging…and skin cancer. I really encourage you to wear sunscreen. Physical sunscreen products are the best choice (and until Slow Botanicals comes out with sunscreen, I recommend zinc-based Think Sport or Think Baby). Wash your face when you get ready in the morning, towel dry and immediately apply your sunscreen to your face. Wait 20-30 minutes (this is a good time to make and sip your coffee) and then apply your Slow Botanicals skin cream. Slow Botanicals skin creams contain flowers that have been shown by research to offer protection from sun exposure and its damaging effects. Personally, I don’t think this is enough, so I combine my skin cream with a zinc-based sunscreen.

Q: I have eczema. What skin cream do you recommend I use on my eczema?
A: Regenerating Night Cream is an excellent spot treatment for Eczema. Even though it is a night cream, you can use Regenerating Night Cream on your eczema during the day. Many customers of Slow Botanicals report this is the first treatment to ever clear up their eczema. Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream can be used every day on eczema without and is safe to use on babies with eczema.

Q: I have psoriasis. What skin cream is best for my psoriasis?
A: There are two Slow Botanicals skin creams that are excellent to use on psoriasis. Both Slow Botanicals creams have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The two skin creams to use on psoriasis are Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream and Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream. These skin creams can be used safely every day and anywhere on your face or body.

Q: How do I apply skin cream under my makeup?
A: Floral Day Cream works very well under makeup. So does Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream. Apply Slow Botanicals skin cream and then wait 10-20 minutes before applying your makeup over top. This is a great time to grab your coffee, which is also good for your skin!

Q: I’m in my 20s and don’t have dry skin but I know I should start taking care of my skin now. What is the best skin cream for me to wear at night on my young skin?
A: Floral Day Cream is just that: a day cream (for both young and older skin). However, if you’re young, this skin cream contains just the right amount of skin hydrating power and skin regenerating flowers to make Floral Day Cream the best night cream for your young skin and the best aging skin care to start with. If you suffer from redness, then you should choose Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream or Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream to wear at night.

Q: I have rosacea. What’s the best skin cream for rosacea?
A: Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream and Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream are both fantastic for your skin with rosacea. You can use these creams day and night for rosacea.

Q: Can I use your face cream as a hand cream? Can I use your face cream as a body lotion?
A: All Slow Botanicals skin creams can be used to moisturize and soothe your hands and body. For daytime use, I recommend Floral Day Cream, Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream or Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream. At night, Regenerating Night Cream, Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream and Wild Winter Blend Skin Cream are fantastic and will nourish your skin while you sleep.

Q: What is the best skin cream for aging skin?
A: Without a doubt, Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream is the best anti-aging skin cream to prevent and reverse signs of aging on your face. The botanicals used in this cream all have scientific research to back this up. These flowers and plants have all been used for centuries and even millennia to care for skin. These botanicals give you the best aging skin care.

Q: Is there fragrance added to Slow Botanicals skin creams?
A: There is no extra fragrance or essential oil added to Slow Botanicals skin cream. The purpose of Slow Botanicals products is to nourish and heal all skin types, even the most sensitive skin, or skin with eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. Fragrance and essential oils are skin irritants. It is my belief that essential oils are not sustainable additives to skin care products. As well, I grow and harvest all of the botanicals locally that are in Slow Botanicals organic skin care products.

Have a question you didn't find answered in the organic skin cream FAQ? Please send me your question!

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