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My Many Plants Healing Balm is created from seven different plants that I have chosen especially for their dramatically effective healing properties. Many Plants Healing Balm is a wonderful and pleasing aid for dry skin, aging skin and skin that is plagued by chronic rashes or excema. Pure, gentle and powerful, this balm can be used on your face, hands and body.  Personally, I use this balm on my face and neck every evening and I apply it to my hands after a day in the garden and most days through the dry winter. I have clients who use this not only on their own skin, but on that of their pets, too, with great success.

All of the plants in Many Herbs Healing Balm are wild and ethically harvested except for the organic Calendula which I grow in my own garden. My garden is  an oasis full of plants who are each singled out for nurturance. I harvest the wild plants when each is at its peak, under ideal conditions, on the rural seaside peninsula which is my home. Frequently, my children are with me and it is a joy to take them along!


Many Plants Healing Balm contains: Wild Plantain, Wild Yarrow, Wild Chickweed, Wild Clover, Wild St. John's Wort, Wild Rose, Organic Calendula, Certified Organic Olive Oil, and Bees Wax.

Two ounces in a blue glass jar.

Many Plants Healing Balm


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