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Listen, Plantain Weed is Good for Your Skin Care

Quiet time with plant spirits in the slow botanicals garden

Sometimes I spend quiet time with the plants I work with. I kneel down and observe with my eyes. I listen through the inward ears of my mind. I sit back and wait to find out what healing powers I’ve overlooked.

Chwynyn sitting in her slow botanicals garden and listening to what plantain weed has to say about healing benefits of plantago major

Then I change direction entirely. I grab my laptop, go online, visit my favorite research site to see if there’s science backing up my new discoveries. You might be shaking your head right now. Or rolling your eyes. If you are, I understand. I’m a skeptic, too. There’s lots of stuff I’d love to believe, but I just can’t. Ask my kids! They're telling me crazy tales all the time. (Once in a while they prove they're right.) I understand if you don't think a scruffy weed is talking to me!

That said, I'll go on: Today was one of those days. I sat outdoors to share time with plantain weeds in the sprinkling spring rain (Plantago major - really similar nature to another plantain, Plantago lanceolata). There are many of these plantain plants scattered around my garden and yard. (My garden's definitely not immaculate! If I pulled all the weeds, I'd be missing out on good medicine). I moved from one plantain to another, watching quietly, my mind and heart open.

plantain weed growing in slow botanicals garden for skin problems and overall good health uses

Listen, plantain weed is good for your skin care

I listened carefully. What did I hear? Listen, plantain weed is good for your skin care. Plantain is a shapeshifter, becoming whatever you want. Sometimes plantain presents like a rugged and scrappy man, other times like a grand lady. I wondered at first if this was a difference in soil quality? Or, perhaps, the quality of the plants nearby? Paying closer attention, I realized plantain will come to you in the familiar form you want, while giving you the healing you’re in need of. Not a chameleon, weakly trying to fit in. But rather, a wise healer, making you feel comfortable and at home while she rises to the occasion - your occasion. From long-time word of mouth, and old-herb-book knowledge, I know plantain is a great skin healer. I've never looked much further into what else plantain might be able to do. I've been satisfied with the skin magic and I’m not an herbalist.

I'm So Very Far from knowing everything.

Learning directly from Plantago major

Sitting with plantain, what I heard first in my head is plantain is more powerful than I even knew. This green weed is a well-rounded healer, working for your over-all health!

In this case, best taken in tea, rather than the poultice or ointment for your skin.

Science of how plantain heals your skin and benefits your overall health

I was intrigued by the all-over health claim. News to me and I couldn't help doubting my senses. To prove myself wrong, I went in to my computer. What did I discover? Containing oodles of naturally occurring phytochemicals, plantain is indeed antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing. This is what I’ve always known. The phytochemicals are the reasons for the well documented benefits to your skin health.

This is why you can believe in wise woman advice: Use plantain cream for: 🌿 Wasp stings 🌿 Bug bites 🌿 Skin wounds

🌿 Sunburn and other burns 🌿 Itchy skin 🌿 Acne

And, ta da, in the scientific research, too, are conclusions that plantain, known officially as Plantago major, is: 🌿 Antidiabetic! 🌿 Antispasmodic 🌿 Antiviral 🌿 Anti-inflammatory - and not only for your skin. Yes, plantain is an overall-health kinda botanical goddess/god!

exfoliating soap bar plantain pure unscented handcrafted by slow botanicals made in usa washington state

For me, it's super important to use ingredients that aren't harming your other important organs, while they’re soaking into your skin. Everything you put on your skin sinks right into your body. I'm not willing to care for my skin at the expense of my lungs or reproductive organs! I love knowing for sure I can keep on feeling fantastic about plantain in my skin care routine – and in yours. As your night cream regenerates your skin, plantain just might be helping the rest of you out, too. That makes me break into a smile. How about you?

wild plantain skin cream for night by slow botanicals made in usa washington state pure and fragrance free in sustainable glass jar

Makes me think, too, after relaxing in a steamy hot shower, scrubbing gently with your favorite exfoliating soap, after you’ve smoothed on your regenerating night cream, well, if you want a relaxing cup of plantain tea, too, go right ahead! Sounds good to me! Cheers to our health! Skin and all the rest! Chwynyn

tea pot of wild plantain weed good for your skin and overall health by slow botanicals listen to what plantain spirit has to say


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