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Chickweed Easily Lives Up To The Old Wives Tale

Old Wives Tale Passed One Generation to the Next

What’s been passed down to you? Your grandmother’s wedding ring? Family silverware? Photos of long lost relatives? Your quirky habit? A special way of saying goodnight? Me? I have my grandmother’s gold-plated silverware (check out why my cousin should have these instead of me). I treasure my other grandmother’s delft pottery chimney house aka ashtray, brought back from the Netherlands at the end of World War II. For memories, there’s my grandfather carefully slicing up Coffee Crisp chocolate bars into tiny slices, plus his warnings that for years had me tossing my lunchtime apples in the school trash - he frightened me terribly, insisting apples have worms hidden inside. Years later, I put 2 and 2 together and realized he was petrified I would choke to death – trauma from his own boyhood he never got over. My kids marvel at this story. They're strangely captivated. Perhaps it’s the thought of their mother throwing away food? And an apple at that! They see the pains I take, making sure not even one apple is wasted from our own trees. Funnily, I slice every apple I give my kids. For the very opposite reason of my grandfather: I want them to eat their apples - and I don't want a freak out about a stray worm preventing this. What would my grandfather think? These are my heirlooms. What about you? What’s come down through your family? And ever wonder what’s been shared a little more broadly? The bits of common knowledge that have been moving along from generation to generation, maybe from time immemorial? The collective kind that’s known as common knowledge? This stuff excites me. All the lips that have moved through the ages, passing along what’s important.

Much of what I know about healing powers of plants has been spoken this way, carried from one person to another. Results seen by ancient eyes, experienced over and over, generation after generation, for who knows how long. This is another form of truth. A different kind of experiment. Another way of replicating results.

Wild chickweed growing up side of raised garden bed made of cedar

Lately, I’ve enjoyed sharing the science of botanicals with you. I love understanding why my favorite botanicals, blended into skin creams and whipped into soaps, behave the way they do. Before reading research I knew they worked. Along my path, I've experienced their magic. But I've been okay with letting go of a little mystery, too. Because sometimes science tells a more intriguing story, one that's even stranger than fiction.

I can get into facts.

Herbs For Good Skin The Wise Woman Way

Not every medicinal herb has been put through the rigors of science. Take chickweed, for example. Yes, scientists are finally studying how this lovely trailing green plant, with tiny white flowers, influences our inside health. (It’s pretty exciting! Many of us will benefit. I’ll get to that in a future post). I’ve heard those rumors for years. I guess scientists did, too.

But no one’s taking the deep dive in the lab to look into the miracles she performs for your skin. Chickweed, officially Stellaria Media, is a member of the Carnation family. Back in my early 20s, I heard all about how chickweed stops itching, soothes irritated skin and makes your cuts and sores heal faster.

I added her to some skin creams. I didn’t add her to others. I decided the hype was real. I liked my skin cream better when she was in it. Gentle, she doesn’t seem to cause side effects. Chickweed’s definitely a team player. Like so many botanicals, she’s better with others than than all on her own. Like all great teams, all the plants in my night cream complement each other. One picks up where another leaves off. By playing together, they make sure everything gets done. This wild weed, Chickweed, is among the special botanical ingredients that make up my Regenerating Night Cream. I’m happy to slather her on every night. She’ earned a place in my heart. And on my countertop. This is a long term relationship 💖 An interesting bit of lore I heard way back when? I was told when you put her starry flowers in a jar of oil, in a jar of alcohol, or even in a jar of vinegar (a known herbicide!), these teensy flowers would go to seed. What?! Chickweed flowers will transform into seeds when submerged in oil, alcohol or vinegar?!?! I couldn’t believe it. Well, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Many times over. It’s true! But, really, I’d rather Chickweed go to seed in my yard. I let her grow wild in several spots. Chickweed will always have a home with me.

blue glass jar of handmade regenerating night cream with chickweed. Jar on piece of yellow and white linen.

Chickweed a Botanical Herb that will Treat Eczema Naturally

You know what else has turned out to be true? The chickweed in Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream is one reason this cream, in the blue glass jar, can be used "off-label" to heal up even the toughest eczema. The first time I discovered this is a story in itself. I’m still as dazzled now as I was then. Some things never get old.

Can a Timeless Skincare Botanical Reach Trending It Status?

I really do love chickweed! Even without fancy research attached. Maybe someday she’ll become the trending plant of the moment. She’ll have her 15 minutes of fame and inspire loads of research. Or maybe not. Probably not. She has a quiet personality. She loves to be understated.

Chickweed Easily Lives Up to the Old Wives Tale

Either way, I’ll always love her. I’ll go on including her in my favorite night cream, that’s your night cream, too. I make far more than I can use myself. So, it’s for all of us. Learn more about Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream and how it takes advantage of all the work your skin does for you while you’re fast asleep. Fast asleep getting your beauty rest. And say your thanks for chickweed, and her starry white flowers, as you nod off into dreamtime. PS If you're just skimming, chickweed lore has been passed down for generations. She's great for your skin, speeding up healing time, soothing skin irritation and taking away itchiness. Chickweed Easily Lives Up To The Old Wives Tales! You'll find chickweed in Slow Botanicals Rejuvenating Night Cream.

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