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Natural Soap

You have dry skin? It's even exasperated by showering.
You only feel okay after smothering yourself in lotion.

You'd like it to be easy as jumping in and out of the shower.
You'd LOVE to go about your day without giving another thought to your skin.

(There are so many better things you could be thinking about. Correct?)

🧴 You’re so tired of time lost slathering on all-over-body moisturizer. 
🧴 You’ve had it with wasting money on products that never work.
🧴 You're worried your skin problem will never be solved.  That would be a shame.

                                                                          Please, don't give up and accept the situation as is 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

This is where I come to the rescue. Sincerely. Slow Botanicals has done this so many times already.

Pink and white bar of soap on a white soap dish with crystals and beach glass

"I bought a soap from you a few weeks ago and I'm in love! Deliciously creamy and moisturizing. And, last but not least, my sensitive skin loves it. Thank you!!" NB, Point Roberts, Washington

Yes, your skin is naturally dry. But, do you know: your soap is a BIG part of the problem, too?
You get in the shower, lather up, rinse away yesterday. You’ve just rinsed away your body’s natural oils.
Your skin can't recoup its loss.

Because to clean is all your bar soap was made to do. Your liquid soap, too.  Same goes for your expensive body wash. Seriously, your soap wasn't made for your skin. It was made for dirt!
Your soap was created to catch your attention with overwhelming scent. With decorative colors.

With swirling patterns.

The soap you're using definitely wasn't made for your skin. That's the truth.

The best soap is created for your skin:

🛀 hydrates your skin barrier.
🛀 nourishes your skin’s defense systems.
🛀 builds on what you already have going on.
🛀 calms what's not working.

Slow Botanicals does all this. It's the best soap for your skin. The best natural soap.

But don't take it from me...

"I have always had issues with my skin from eczema as a child to psoriasis as an adult. I have used Castille Soap and Dove but found over the years that my skin was tight and these products were abrasive. I ended up not using any soap at one point and just warm water and a towel and showered twice a day.

The Slow Botanicals soap I have used is luxurious. It is thick and creamy, without leaving that film on my skin. I have not had a bad break out when using this soap and feel finally I have found something that works for me. At first, before trying Slow Botanicals soap, I was worried about it creating more skin issues for me, and afraid it may have contained chemicals. However, after meeting Chwynyn and talking about my skin issues I gave it a go and am so happy I did.

I no longer have huge break outs of psoriasis and feel good about using soap on my skin.
I would like to tell others to TRY IT!  It is a wonderful product that is clean and natural."
MF, Educator, Point Roberts, Washington

Blue bench in the slow botanicals garden surrounded by flowers

"Slow Botanicals crafts some of the best organic eco-friendly hand soaps using plant-based, organic ingredients in a short and sweet list."

Sustainable Jungle logo

No one was making soap I wanted...

I got into making soap because I couldn’t find any I liked. Even the most expensive bars left my skin dry and itchy.
All winter long, my daughter’s sensitive skin was dry and scaley. Like you, I'd had enough! I wanted better.

I was making nourishing skin creams filled with the most healing botanicals I could find. (Literally "find" - I pick all the ingredients, myself!)

It became obvious I needed to channel (
read my story on the blog) the same skin-nurturing goodness into soap. Soap for me, my family, and for all my loyal customers! The first batch sold out in two weeks. People were happy.

And so Slow Botanicals natural soap was born.

slow botanicals selection of natural soap

"...and your soap! I just LOVE them!! The best soap bars ever!" KKH, Vermont

Wondering if Slow Botanicals natural soap bars
really are special?

They are! That's the way I do things.
Here's why they're special:

🛀 made from certified organic olive & coconut oils
🛀 extra moisturizing

🛀 no chemical fragrance

🛀 no essential oil
🛀 hand picked botanicals from my garden
🛀 hand picked botanicals from pristine wilderness
🛀 no fillers
🛀 handmade in small batches
🛀 won't sting your skin 
🛀 safe for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

And...umm, I don't mean to toot my own horn...but here's what's special about me:

🛀 guided by wise woman wisdom
🛀 obsessed with scientific research on skin care
🛀 background in direct entry midwifery
🛀 background in western medicine clinical work
🛀 organic gardener - grow my family's food
🛀 grow and wildcraft ALL the botanicals for products
🛀 longtime  passion for sustainability
🛀 practice slow living (watch the interview)
🛀 background in design
🛀 married to a professional artist


Slow Botanicals natural soap isn't for you if:

🛀 you're fine with a soap that’s “good enough” 
🛀 you could care less about the ingredient list in your skin products 
🛀 you want to use your soap bar as an air freshener to cover bad bathroom smells
🛀 it doesn't matter to you how your skin looks or feels

This isn't the bar for you and you'll be better satisfied elsewhere!

Slow Botanicals natural soap is for you if:

🛀 you want a soap that's totally pure
🛀 you want a creamy soap with nice lather
🛀 you want to calm your skin
🛀 you want skin that looks and feels soft 
🛀 you want a bar that's aesthetic and looks pretty on your              counter top

This is the bar for you.  You won't be disappointed! Go ahead and add a bar or 2 to your cart now.

Natural Soap FAQ

I get a lot of questions. Look for you answers here:

Q) I have eczema. Can I use this soap? A) Yes! There are lots of happy bathers out there using Slow Botanicals. Many tell me they no longer notice their eczema - especially when they spot treat with this cream

Q) Will this bar be safe when my psoriasis flares? A) It’s absolutely appropriate to use when you’re suffering from psoriasis. I even hear it helps 😊

Q) Which soap for what? I’m so confused! A) Check out these sections. They’ll tell you what to pick. Shower & Bath Soap, Face Soap, Exfoliating Soap, Hand Soap, Shampoo Bars, Shave Soap.

Q) I get crazy bad ingrown hairs. Is your shave soap going to make them worse? A) Over and over, I hear that this shave soap prevents ingrown hairs (men and women) and gives the closest shave ever. You don't need to apply moisturizer after you use Slow Botanicals shave soap bar.

Q) I have long hair. Will it be unmanageably tangled if I don’t follow up this shampoo bar with a conditioner? A) No, you don’t need conditioner. Even for really long hair (like mine). Just shampoo and rinse twice and then style as you normally would.

Q) Are these soaps vegan? A) They sure are! Sustainability is of utmost concern. So is animal cruelty. (I’ve been a vegetarian for 36 years).

Q) What’s the packaging like? A) Each soap bar has a thin paper label. To prepare them for shipping, each is wrapped in compostable (yes, your backyard or under the sink compost will do), unbleached parchment paper tied with a natural (again, compostable) jute string.

Q) You say you wildcraft. How sustainable is this, really? A) I practice ethical wildcrafting. This means I never take too much and I’m aware that I’m a guest in a habitat and ecosystem: I’m never going to interfere with someone else’s dinner. When harvesting invasive species, I make sure not to spread seeds around.

Q) Why don’t you use essential oil in your soap? A) Essential oil is irritating to the skin. It’s not particularly sustainable. I like to use all the “buffers” that come with using more of the botanical than just its extracted oil.

Q) Is this soap good for my mature skin? A) Oh, yes! I made this soap with you very much in mind.

Got a burning question and you didn't see it here? Send me an email and I'll get right back to you!

Garden in the northern spring evening. Purple flowers in foreground, then trellis with large vine and then greenhouse and tall trees in the background. This is the Slow Botanicals garden where the botanical ingredients for natural soap are grown.
chwynyn vaughan slow botanicals photo.jpg


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Slow Botanicals Promise: these products won't irritate your skin-if they do the product and associated shipping will be refunded


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