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Natural Wreath 
of Dried Flowers

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"As a keeper of one of your wreaths - I can say it is still just as beautiful two years later." 
KP, Washington State

How will you feel when you experience the benefits of flowers in your home all year round?

When you look closely at a flower, you see all the best parts of yourself. In that moment you're everything you're meant to be. Experience this every day of the year and you can't help but to blossom.

Live with a natural wreath of dried flowers by Slow Botanicals and you'll feel calm, positive and ready to thrive.

Choose a one-of-a-kind natural wreath from the selection

Want to grow your own cutting garden? You can grow enough flowers for full vases all summer and fall - even in a small garden. And even as a new flower gardener! Download the list! 

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