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Save Time, Use a Shampoo Bar

What would you do with 30 extra minutes a day? Where would it come from?! Wouldn't it be great if we could set back the clock one hour every day, each day of the year? Every day it would be a surprise hour that couldn't be scheduled in advance? That's one of my personal fantasies. Alas, never going to happen. Instead, I’m up early every morning, getting a head start on the day, excited, planning in my head what I’ll get up to. I quietly slip out of bed, not ruining the spell waking anyone else. I silently tiptoe to the washroom. (Bathroom, restroom, water closet…whatever you happen to call it where you live) And ugh. It's first thing and I don't want to. It's the last thing I feel like doing. I don’t like getting ready in the morning. What a pain. There's conflict because I do want my face to look pretty and bright when I glimpse the mirror through the day. I love clothes. I don’t want frizzy, straggly hair, which mine has a natural tendency to. But do I ever resent this getting-ready moment in time.

Blue pottery coffee mug and book by Anthony Trollope sitting on blue wooden bench in lush garden.

Still, I do it. In fact, it’s the first thing I do every day. I won't do anything else until I'm dressed. I’m always looking for shortcuts. A way to effectively race through this routine. Have it out of the way and get on with my real life. Over the years I've found ways to speed up my morning routine. I pick out clothes the night before. I’m not scrambling in the morning, bleary eyed, still senseless, grabbing blindly at an uninspired outfit. Makeup? Skin cream is my makeup lol. I figure take care of my skin and I won’t waste precious time covering up flaws. Nothing easier and quicker than that. My hair has a get-out-of-bed-and-go cut. I drag a hairbrush through it and that’s all. I'm grateful to my masterful hair stylist who manages this for me. I don’t wash my hair every day. Thank goodness I don’t need to. When I do wash my hair, I’ve found how to cut that step down, too. (This makes me sound like I look a mess. I think I look okay most days :) I don't believe working from home is an excuse to subject my family to the bedraggled version of me). My shampoo step makes me happy and not only because I’m saving time. I confess I take maybe-too-much personal pride here. My hair is cleaner and healthier for it. I managed to cut out the conditioner! I know it’s not a lot, but to me it means more time to linger over tea and write a couple minutes longer in my journal. A few more moments of quiet peace to think only my own thoughts before the rest of the family wakes. Perhaps more time with my coffee on my garden bench, listening to bird song. I love my shampoo bars. My shampoo bar was only an idea in my head. Then it was a goal. Now it’s a totally pure product that saves me time. Thus, the pride.

Slow Botanicals Wild Rose Shampoo Bar, oval in shape, with Rose written in cursive.  Shampoo bar is sitting on seashell soap dish, surrounded by shells and beach glass ad quartz crystals on white window sill.

In making shampoo bars I haven't compromised my values. I've remained dedicated to sustainability. I don’t settle for lackluster hair. I know that like me, to convince you to try something new and more environmentally sound, that, well, new and sound aren’t enough. I tried that years ago. I never stuck with any of it. So I’ve made you a bar that’s easy to use, makes your hair feel great & look fantastic. Specifically, the fantastic of this shampoo bar means bringing out all your natural shine and color, making your locks lively and keeping your hair squeaky clean for oh-so-long. On top of that it’s free of carcinogens found in other hair care products. We're not willing to sacrifice any of that to plow through the morning routine and get to the fun stuff! We're going to look great and do it with integrity!

Woman in greenhouse with tulip in her hand. Has long, brown, healthy, shiny hair, just washed with a Slow Botanicals Shampoo Bar.

Currently, I have two blends of shampoo bars: Wild Chamomile was my first and recently I made a tiny batch of Wild Rose. Please wander over and take a look at them here: Volumizing Wild Chamomile Shampoo Bar and Nourishing Wild Rose Shampoo Bar. I have a new shampoo bar in development: it's got something extra in it and I'm excited. I’ll let you know when it’s out in the world ready for you to buy. "I have been using this Shampoo Bar for a year now. I love it because it is completely natural, it smells great, just like a baby soap, and it does a great job. It foams extremely well and leaves my hair clean, but not over-dried.

I had used 3-4 different bars of shampoo before and I found that the natural oils in them dried my hair a bit too much. Some of the bars I had used were store bought and some were handmade locally but with natural DoTerra oils in them. They all over-dried my hair which is highlighted and needs proper moisture and maintenance.

This Shampoo Bar seems to be much more gentle on my hair. It also makes me feel good about putting only natural ingredients in my hair and not any chemicals. I love the fact that there is no plastic packaging, no unsustainable natural oils, no carbon footprint from transportation and factories.

I also love supporting a small local business. This Shampoo Bar not only makes my hair feel great, but it also makes me feel good about supporting the environment and my community" -MH Delta, BC For now, I’m wishing you a week full of more moments to yourself, spent doing what makes your heart sing. I hope I’ve inspired you to think about what you can change up in your routine, to give you more time for joy. And I sincerely hope you'll check out my shampoo bars. Like everything I make they started in my garden. All my best, Chwynyn PS If you're just skimming, you're probably short on time. So, save time, use a shampoo bar! Here's one! Sign up for my Newsletter Slow Botanicals are found at: International Marketplace in Point Roberts, WA Westham Island Herb Farm in Ladner, BC PS If you skimmed this post, I'm using my organic shampoo bar to save me time. It's a stand alone that requires no conditioner after shampooing. Check out the pure shampoo bars here: Wild Chamomile Volumizing Shampoo Bar and Wild Rose Nourishing Shampoo Bar.


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