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Discover Best Benefits of Calendula for Skin

Calendula Flowers I grow loads of flowers and I’m in love with them all. Of course, all of them! I admit, however, some take a little more space in my heart than others. Calendula is one. She’s a must for me and for all flower gardeners, both beginner and experienced. Calendula starts easily from seed, grows in a wide range of soils and climates, and blooms bright all summer and fall. A must-grow for medicinal gardens, too. And don’t forget to plant her in your edible flower garden. You'll want calendula for decorating cakes and embellishing salads. I can’t live without Calendula. Come along with me and discover best benefits of calendula for skin. For your skin!

Orange calendula flower that is high in careteinoids growing in the Slow Botanicals garden. There is a honey bee sitting in the middle of this orange calendula flower.

Growing Calendula Calendula flowers come in pleasing colors ranging from creamy white to buttery yellow, from copper to dark orange, bold yellow and vivid orange. My favorite varieties of calendula to grow are Zeolites, Ivory Princess, Orange Flash and Bronze Beauty. This is the range of shades sought after by florists. For skin care and herbalists, it’s the bright orange calendula flowers that give the best results in calendula creams and concoctions. This is the color that’s spilling over with all the benefits you’re looking for in your favorite skin care products. What is Calendula Good For?

Why is calendula good for your skin? Especially for your ageing skin? It’s the plentiful carotenoids in Calendula flowers responsible for most the skin benefits! Carotenoids make your skin more elastic, due to helping you form collagen and elastin. This makes calendula an anti-ageing skin care product that can slow down formation of wrinkles on your face. Calendula also helps fade sun spots and dark circles under your eyes. These flowers offer UV sun protection, preventing sun spots and dark circles before they begin. Rich in anti-oxidants, calendula cream applied to your face helps your skin to heal from the harmful effects of the sun’s radiation after you've been outdoors and been exposed to too much sun. This is one more way that calendula cream stops your signs of ageing before they even start. Super healing, calendula flower cream and soap are effective choices to treat and soothe eczema, psoriasis and regular scratches and bruises.

Glass jar of skin cream It’s made entirely of wild ingredients I harvest only in the frosty cold months of the year, plus calendula flowers. Jar is on gray cashmere surrounded by wild rose hips, calendula flowers and turkey tail mushrooms.

Why Calendula Cream?

But why use calendula in a cream? Why not use calendula in a tincture or tea? The carotenoids found in calendula flowers are “fat soluble”. This means the healing properties of calendula flowers are best absorbed by oil. Calendula cream is made with oil, which is also a carrier and the best way to work the gifts of calendula into your face and body. At Slow Botanicals, the calendula flowers are soaked in certified organic olive oil and then combined with bees wax. You slather your face with the calendula oil so your skin can drink deeply and absorb the benefits of calendula. The bees wax serves to create a barrier between your skin and the environment, making sure all those skin care benefits stay exactly where you want them to!

Best Calendula Cream

To explore the Slow Botanicals line of products that contain calendula flowers, grown with love in my organic garden, and shared generously for your skin care, visit these products: Regenerating Night Cream, Wild Winter Blend Cream + Calendula and Organic Calendula Soap Bar.

Looking forward to sharing more with about the benefits of botanicals for your skin care. Stay tuned!

Until then, all my best,


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