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August is Harvest Time

August is here and that means I am in my most labour intensive month of the entire year. Vegetable, flower and fruit all ripen at a whirlwind pace, making it difficult to keep up. While the flower harvest definitely fills my heart, the vegetables and fruit take first priority. We love to eat well in my family, and all the work I do now ensures that we have both delicious and healthy meals all the year through.

But don't think that the flowers, in abundance in August, are neglected. I will always make the time! I am creating bouquets of fresh flowers. I am picking and drying flowers to my heart's content.

With all there is to do, I am going to leave off with the writing for now, and share some photos from the past couple of weeks.

Take care,


I will have flowers in the Garden Stand Friday, August 12th and Saturday August 11th Flowers will be in the Stand at 8:30am

Your Local Small Market is Saturday, August 13th from 10am-2pm, outdoors at the Point Roberts Community Center. Come visit us!

Slow Botanicals are available at

Westham Island Herb Farm, Delta, BC

International Marketplace, Point Roberts, WA

Your Local Small Market, Point Roberts, WA

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