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Oh, wow, I’m SO sorry. You have so much happening at once. Just one of those alone would be bad enough. Sinus pain, your psoriasis is flaring up AGAIN, and oh my, look at those mosquito bites. And geez, your neck is tight and sore? I’m so sorry. Yeah, when it rains it pours. That’s rough. But you know, I can help. No, really, I can! I’d love to.

I make this anti-inflammatory + antioxidant cream. Years into making creams out of flowers and herbs, the outstanding results of this cream still shock even me.

"I am a 72 year old woman who is a licensed mental health counselor. Before beginning work for the day, I was walking my big poodle and little Pomeranian on the side of the road in our rural quiet community. As you might guess, this walk involved picking up after my dogs.
What I didn’t expect was a severe allergic reaction on my face from touching some wild plant. It was red and itchy and getting worse by the second.

I came home as quickly as I could and pulled out of the drawer a jar of Slow Botanical’s Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Blend, smeared it on my face, and within minutes the itching and redness was gone.

I now have four jars so that I do not run out. I use it daily on my face and under my eyes. Very grateful to Chwynyn for this wild poplar bud, turkey tail mushroom, organic olive oil and beeswax blend." 
-MB, Point Roberts, WA


Rub this anti-inflammatory cream into your face, over your sinuses and feel the pain ease and watch the swelling go down. Spread it over your psoriasis plagued hands and you'll sigh with relief. You'll forget you even have mosquito bites. Your sore muscles will feel much better. Allergic rashes will resolve.

This Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant cream is made of tree buds I collect from branches blow down in winter storms and wild mushrooms growing on downed trees. I slowly infuse olive oil  with these wild ingredients and blend them carefully with domestic and organic bees wax.

Wowee, the result is mind blowing! I'm sure you'll agree. 

"I’ve struggled with seasonal allergies for years and yet it always catches me by surprise. I get earaches, sinus congestion and lots of inflammation around my neck and throat. Typically, I try an off the shelf allergy and sinus medication and/or steroid based nasal sprays which have a lot of side effects.

This time I applied the Slow Botanicals Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream to my neck, over my throat, behind my ears and below my eyes. The relief was immediate, and with no side effects! This cream had a real impact and I’m going to make it part of a program for me: more water, less inflammatory foods and the topical use of this Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream.

To someone considering purchasing this cream I say: Try it! Try it for many applications. If you’re taking a lot of ibuprofen or topical anti-inflammatory creams for pain, this is a great alternative and isn't damaging to your skin."
-RO, Vancouver, BC

Are you worried that your skin is too sensitive? I promise that this cream won't irritate your skin. If it does, I'll refund you the price of the product and shipping related costs.

No added fragrance or essential oil. Plant based and sustainable. You'll want to read this blog post to learn more!

Ingredients: Wild Poplar Buds, Wild Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Beeswax, USA Domestic Beeswax.

One ounce in a glass jar.

***Not for use in nipples of breastfeeding mothers.
***Do not spread all over body on infants.​

Anti-inflammatory + Antioxidant Cream 1 Ounce


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