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My Customers Love Slow Botanicals!
Read what this customer has to say:

"I have been using the Slow Botanicals Shampoo  Bar for a year now. I love it because it is completely natural, it smells great, just like a baby soap, and it does a great job. It foams extremely well and leaves my hair clean, but not over-dried.

I had used 3-4 different bars of shampoo before and I found that the natural oils in them dried my hair a bit too much. Some of the bars I had used were store bought and some were handmade locally but with natural DoTerra oils in them. They all over-dried my hair which is highlighted and needs proper moisture and maintenance.

This Shampoo Bar seems to be much more gentle on my hair. It also makes me feel good about putting only natural ingredients in my hair and not any chemicals.

I love the fact that there is no plastic packaging, no unsustainable natural oils, no carbon footprint from transportation and factories.
" -Mariela Hewson, Delta BC

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