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Thanks for visiting Slow Botanicals. I truly hope you have enjoyed looking around and shopping here! 

I want to pick out just the right Organic Botanical Soap Bar for you. The bar that is going to make your skin feel and be its best, its most beautiful.
In order for me to do this for you, please send me a message
here on my Contact Me Page. This is so that I can personalize your Organic Botanical Soap Bar choice.

In your message, please share with me your age (if you're comfortable), and any of your skin issues such as dry skin, redness, rosacea, puffiness, puffiness under your eyes, acne, eczema, psoriasis. You name it. What is it that bothers you? If your skin feels pretty "normal" that is good infomation, too.

With your information, I will pick out the best Organic Botanical Soap Bar for you!  Again, please send me all that information


And one more thing, please tell me whether you are looking for a shower bar, a facial cleanser, or a hand soap in that message. Thanks!


I promise you that you won't be disappointed with your products you're purchasing today. I know you are going to love them!  Here are some reviews, if you'd like to check them out.


I pour my heart into everything I create. It is of the utmost importance to me to create the best soap bars, skin balms and everlasting flower creations that are out there. 

Please add this Organic Soap Bar to your cart and then enter your coupon code at checkout so that this is a free gift for you. Thanks again so much!


Thank you -Chwynyn



Organic Mystery Botanical Soap Bar


    Thank you!

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