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Life this Week

It is January, and though it is still dark in the morning, the light is beginning to increase. When I called the kids home for dinner through the forest last night, it was actually still light out. Pretty exciting. Every year the first signs of the return of light feel magical and like this has never happened before.

This week has been a little unpredictable. My son started his new online school and my daughter and her classmates were all sent home to spend the week in virtual school. Truthfully, I was nervous. The first two days made me feel like my trepidation was an overreaction. Today? We won't talk about that lol

I spent the weekend finishing up dividing my dahlias and then listing them on my website for pre-sales to ship this spring. Dividing dahlias is a wonderfully tedious job and I really do enjoy this time consuming task! I spent hours looking for eyes, checking for strong necks, making sure not to snip the wrong spots. Hours were spent in the kitchen and I found myself grateful that I wasn't spending all that time cooking. If you know me well, you know that I don't particularly enjoy cooking. I much prefer growing the food! That I can also happily do all day long.

My cloth napkin making got underway. Over the holidays I measured and cut and pressed so that everything was ready to go. I am excited about all the new prints and was looking forward to sitting at my machine while supervising virtual school. All did go well, I created beautiful sets. But it turned out I was a bit blissfully ignorant. At the end of the day I heard my daughter say to her classmate: "No, there isn't a helicopter, my mum is sewing!" Oops. The kids will be back in the school building next week. I think I will finish up the napkins then! Hoping you have all enjoyed your week and are staying healthy. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Chwynyn


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