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10 reasons you'll love your shave soap

So…have you figured out that I used to be a bit of an…um…hippie? It feels shameful to write this. You’re probably laughing at me because it’s so obvious. In my early 20s I lived communally. I rejected all traditional holidays. I had a camperized van. I liked folk music. I didn’t shave. The list goes on. Then in the last month of the year1998, I had a revelation. I was going around admiring a bunch of traditions and rituals of a whole host of other cultures. At the same time, I was rejecting my own. I was seeing through my own. Labeling them silly at best, mindlessly conformist and damaging, at worst. I made the decision I wanted to try out a culture: my own culture. I'd see faults, hypocrisy, pettiness in every culture, regardless of which I’d been born into. But I might as well have a little fun and join the masses (if I’d been brought up Catholic, that there would’ve been a great play on words!) I started by celebrating Christmas. I was living all alone in a birthing center in Dallas, owned by a Jehovah’s Witness. Needless to say, there were a few obstacles in the way of my first adult Christmas! I celebrated in my heart and in my attitude. I also made a risky drive on an icy highway to my cousin’s for Christmas dinner. It was a start!

White oval shave soap handmade by Slow Botanicals on seashell soap dish surrounded by natural quartz crystals, beach glass and sea shells, sitting on white windowsill in bathroom.

Next step: shaving. It had been more than ten years. I didn’t plan in advance. Somewhere, shoved in a cupboard, I found a single blade razor. There was a major brand can of shaving cream, too. Yeah, I know. Stupid. Ouchy. Razor burn. Pain for days. Still, I felt pretty good about joining in. I was a little bit more like everyone else. I also started watching “Friends” and hockey games on TV 😊 Fast forward 25 years and some things haven’t changed. No, I don’t have a TV. I do LOVE to celebrate Christmas. And I still make bad shaving decisions. When I released my brand new, handmade, botanical shave soap, I was super excited to try it out. It was actually January, just like that other time. I jumped in the shower, shave soap in hand. And then it occurred to me that my razor was really old. Yes, a 5 blade, thank goodness, but edging on 2 years of age and pretty worn out. It was the winter and I was really hairy (TMI? I’m so sorry!), just like the last time. Oh, well, I dove into my task with gusto. I lathered up with my first shave bar, freshly cured, and wondered if this was another bad idea? Why was I being so lazy about getting a new razor out of the drawer downstairs? Certainly, I should have learned my lesson. At the best of times, I actually get bad ingrown hairs. These were the thoughts going through my head but I kept on going. I’m so glad I did. What a perfect trial for a brand new product! No rash. No pain. No ingrown hairs. The closest shave I have ever have. I didn’t even apply any cream after my shower. (Again, why? I mean, I have so much. Why take the chance? I make skin cream!!!) I was sold. A shave bar is definitely the way to go. No turning back for me. And that’s a good thing, because I made 24 in my very first batch. Had I not liked my shave soap, I would have been stuck with 24 "seconds" and it probably would have taken another 25 years to work my way through them lol Here it is: My list of 10 reasons you'll love your shave soap by Slow Botanicals 1. closest shave ever

2. don’t need to moisturize after shaving

3. no ingrown hairs reported after use

4. no razor burn reported after use

5. no more ingredients than necessary – only 7! This count of 7 includes the wildflowers and water

6. very limited packaging. Just a little paper wrap (with your online order there’s also a bit of compostable, unbleached parchment paper wrapped with natural string). This means no aluminum can or plastic!!! Yahoo! I know you can't stand that stuff.

7. all organic (and wild) ingredients

8. sustainable

9. plant based

10. hand made in small batches

(If you haven’t joined the world of the shaving, I get it. Once upon a time, a very young daughter of roommates gasped in horror when she saw my underarm and exclaimed: “Why don’t you have any hair!?!?! Where did it go?!?!?” I gently explained that some women shave. I'm pretty sure her mum, who is reading this now, still doesn't shave). However, chances are you do shave. (You and I haven't discussed this). I’m sure you’ll love the Slow Botanicals Shave Soap! I really want to hear how it goes! Drop me a line after you take the plunge into a better way of shaving.

And with that, I’ll leave you.

Until next time, all my best,

Chwynyn PS if you're just skimming, read the list of 10 reasons you'll love your shave bar in pink bold above. Then head over to check out the Slow Botanicals Shave Soap. Sign up for my newsletter and read my stories and receive my offers.


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