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Thanks for visiting Slow Botanicals. I truly hope you have enjoyed looking around and shopping here.  I can't wait for you to take your new soap into the bath!​​​​​​

I'd love to personalize your soap bar choice. Contact me after you check out and let me know all about your skin. I'll pick out the best bar for you.

If you'd like to learn a little more for yourself about your #1 skin care flower, take this quiz now.


I pour my heart into everything I create for you.  It is the most important thing to me to create the best soap bars and skin creams  out there. Why make something if it's not an improvement on everything else?! 

"As a relatively long-time user of Chwynyn’s soaps I can definitely say they have improved the quality of my life. I have VERY sensitive skin and have struggled to find a soap that didn’t trigger issues.
Upon hearing my story, Chwynyn recommended two different kinds of her handmade soap that she thought would work for me and I have been using them happily ever since.
Chwynyn is very knowledgeable about the ingredients that she puts into her soaps and how those ingredients affect your skin.I am certainly glad that she is here on the Point and I can’t say enough about her soaps."
-ME, Point Roberts, Washington

Organic Mystery Botanical Soap Bar


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