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Winter Blend skin balm is a great step for you to take towards more beautiful skin. Winter Blend is fantastic and has quite possibly the most interesting ingredient list you will ever come across in a moisturizer! I highly doubt that you will ever see this skin balm blend anywhere else.


This is a very special limited edition skin balm created  from wild plants harvested by hand in the winter, in the Pacific Northwest. 


Winter Blend skin balm has a wonderfully resinous and woodsy fragrance. Its healing properties are amazing and it brings relief to many issues plaguing your skin.


Containing strong anti-inflammatory plants and mushrooms, this skin balm soothes and treats rashes, redness, puffiness, psoriasis, and bug bites. During cold season, this skin balm can even be applied topically to the sinuses to provide relief from painful sinuses.


Gentle enough to use every day, Winter Blend skin balm is a fantastic moisturizer to be used every night, expecially for older skin. This skin balm is a great step to take towards more beautiful skin.

Also wonderful for hands, all year long.


Contains: wild poplar buds, wild turkey tail mushrooms, wild rose hips, wild usnea lichen, certified organic olive oil, certified organic bees wax.

Two ounces in a glass jar.

*ingredient list in photos is not accurate

Winter Blend Skin Balm


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