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Love Radishes for more reasons than just being the first veggie of the season!

I planted a few beds full of radishes early this spring. I had planned on one bed's worth for my family and to sell what comes out of the other two. However, my husband is an amazing cook and I have hardly put any bunches out to sell in my Garden Stand. We are just enjoying the radishes so much and eating loads of them! Radishes are fine when eaten raw and fulfill their wonderful status of being the first vegetable out of the garden (other than leafy greens, which are with us all year round). However, when roasted, radishes are a vegetable that I would joyfully eat all season long.

To make a simple roast, clean up the radishes, remove the greens, leave the roots and toss them into a pyrex dish with olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Roast the radishes just as you would carrots, potatoes or any other root vegetable. Leaving on the roots gives you a crispy treat with each radish.

Last weekend, my husband made a phenomenal pizza. He made a whole wheat float bread crust which I have come to prefer over a yeasted dough. This crust has the added benefit of being much easier and faster to create. Sautéeing fresh herbs and early leafy greens from the garden, and combining these with a thick home made cashew cream sauce, he was able to forego the tomato sauce and include a hearty protein - tomatoes are out of season and we don't have any in the cupboard! As a final touch, my husband spread whole roasted radishes across the top of the pizza. This radish pizza was gorgeous and fantastically delicious!

Bon appétit! Chwynyn

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