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Dormant Spray Recipe for Natural Apple Trees

Every spring I mix up my own dormant spray for my apple trees. It is totally natural which means I can feel safe spraying this in the same yard where my kids and their friends play. I feel comfortable spraying this homemade dormant spray on the same trees that attract the wild birds. An added bonus is that I don't have to put on a load of protective equipment and clothing. In the worst case scenario that the wind begins to blow, I will have to wash my hair (Using my new shampoo bar which I need to get listed in my site shop).

When you spray apple trees with a dormant spray, always spray before the flower buds begin to open. Make sure to douse the trunk along with the branches. Moth eggs are often laid in the cracks of the tree's bark. Feel free to use this spray two or three times in the late winter and spring on a day where the thermostat is above freezing (just do this before the flower buds begin to open). Every year, I plan to do this but I never end up spraying more than once.

I use an inexpensive hand-pumped sprayer that holds two gallons of liquid. You can also buy a more expensive version that is battery operated.

Here is my recipe:

Per gallon of water:

  • one Tablespoon baking soda

  • two Tablespoons cottonseed oil (buy this wherever you would buy supplies for frying fish. Local to me, the only store that sells cottonseed oil is the Bass Shop

Yes, the recipe is that easy!

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