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Community is Like an Earthworm

Last week was the official start, personally, of the 2022 season. It was a great start. Your Local Small Market, our local artisan market, had its first Saturday market and I opened up the Garden Stand, filled to the brim, on Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who came out. You are so appreciated.

In recent months, I have not been 100%. Usually filled with loads of energy, the aftermath of Covid has meant that I have not been my usual self. I was excited for the first date of Your Local Small Market, but was unsure how it would go. As usual, I was delighted and surprised by how energized I felt at the end of the day. This Saturday market is so much fun.

There is a high that I feel, an inner satisfaction, that comes with all those great conversations that take place at Saturday markets. I love chatting with returning cabin owners - this is like seeing old friends. It is fun to meet new residents and visitors to Point Roberts, to hear their personal stories and how they come to be here. I thrive on meeting up with other full-time residents. Perhaps, especially, those in our community who are really involved with creating a life that is better for all of us. Their life-force is contagious.

At these Saturday markets I have the opportunity to connect with some of the people who I see as the lifeblood of the several hearts of my small, seaside town. We could not function without these groups. These groups include, but are not limited to, PREP, the Food Bank, the CARES program, the testing and vaccination team at the fire hall, PAWS, The Senior Center, Friends of the Library, and Circle of Care. We have around 1300 people in our town and yet so many organizations. There isn't much overlap in what they provide. There are so many organizations because there is so much to be done and fortunately, there are people willing to get these things done. Our quality of every-single-day-life is so high in my community because of these special people, who are also ordinary folks like the rest of us.

It often seems like there are a few people, each involved in multiple groups, who hold everything together. We are very fortunate to have these willing and able people in our midst! However, I imagine they would love some assistance and some new blood. They would like to have some more time to spend on their personal hobbies. A bit more down time, perhaps? That is where the rest of us can come in and add to the helping spirit. There are so many ways to get involved, to harness our talents and play to our interests. And in return, we can all be beneficiaries of those energized feelings that come from being a part of something bigger, and more, than our individual selves.

So...why is community like an earthworm? Because earthworms have five hearts, all working together. Yes, this is a ridiculous metaphor. I know. But as I have my hands in the dirt all the time, I couldn't help it.

And, of course, I did have my hands in the dirt this week. And I have plants for sale at the Garden Stand this weekend, to do my part to enable you to get your hands in the dirt, too.

In the garden, I planted the first of my cauliflower seeds this year. My very favourite cauliflower variety is Amazing and the seeds are available locally or online at West Coast Seeds. These plants create extremely large, beautiful white heads. They are easier to grow than many types of cauliflower because their leaves don't need to be tied up for sun protection. Often, gardeners have difficulties with cauliflower because they can become stunted and misshapen. What I have found to be the single most important key to growing gorgeous cauliflower is to provide consistent watering. Cauliflower does not want to go through even a short dry spell. If you are up to regular watering, you should be able to grow your own fantastic cauliflower.

I planted more seeds in the greenhouse and moved cucumbers and tomatoes up into larger pots. I propagated perennial heirloom Chrysanthemums - I am looking forward to many beautiful stems of this flowering treasure throughout the autumn.

In the Stand this weekend, among other plants to go in your garden, I will have cultivars of bare root strawberries. My garden came with strawberry plants. After one season of these, I ripped them all out, gave them to a neighbour, and planted Tristar, Shuksan and Sweet Sunrise strawberries in their place. Over the years, I have afforded more and more space to strawberry patches. I don't have acreage, which means that I need to carefully select every single plant that I grow. Every plant must justify its space. My kids might be skinny, but they have the appetites of teenage boys, so I spend the summer packing my freezer full of all the produce we grow and love best. Sweet Sunrise are amazingly delicious! Shuksan are close behind. Both are PNW varieties that are prolific.

I also want my garden to look good. Strawberries make a great groundcover!

My own Little Strawberry. She is/was so cute. I can't resist sharing.

Enjoy your week ahead!

Would be lovely to see you this weekend at the Garden Stand. I will be open from 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. The donation jar for Ukraine will be out and is out every day of the week. Thank you so much.

Take care,


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Every Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 5pm: The Garden Stand

Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3: Dahlia tuber sale at The Garden Stand

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