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Is your handmade soap bar melting in your soap dish? Soap bars filled with loads of skin nourishing oils sure can melt  when the  thermostat climbs too high. Here's a warm weather bar soap that doesn't make a mess. It stays hard in the soap dish, even at a high-traffic sink.

Handcrafted with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt and loaded with certified organic oils, this is a soap bar made especially for your sensitive and dry skin. Formulated for aging skin, too.

When it's hot outside, your skin is exposed to sunshine. Whether you're a sun worshipper or you're hiding out in the shade, your skin will inevitably be damaged. Taking care of your skin properly, will help your skin fare its best, given the circumstances. Here's a soap bar that helps nourish your skin to ensure your skin is at its healthiest.

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt Bar  cleans, exfoliates, disinfects and most especially it moisturizes. It's an excellent shower bar. It makes your face soft and smooth. It keeps your hands healthy and helps them heal even when they take a beating.

"My husband was saying this morning that this is the best soap he has ever used. And he's right. Other soap leaves my skin feeling dry. But your soap makes my skin soft and it's moisturized. Other soap bars only look good and smell good. This bar is good." AS, Washington

Like all Slow Botanicals products this is a sustainable, plant based, vegan bar. No added fragrance, essential oil or chemicals.

"Hey!!! I love the salt soap bar!" GL, British Columbia

This soap bar is guaranteed. If your skin is irritated in any way, the price of this product and associated shipping costs will be refunded to you.


Warm Weather Soap Bar 115 bars sold 💕


Ingredients:  Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Pacific White Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Style Sea Salt, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Distilled Water.


Each bar of soap weighs approximately 110 grams or 3.88 ounces

Warm Weather Bar Soap- Hawaiian Black Lava Salt


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