St. John's Wort is a powerful, generous! I harvest St. John's Wort flowers on the sunniest afternoons in a protected and pristine location where it grows abundanty wild. I choose only the flowers that are fully open and in their prime. Within minutes of arriving home by bicycle or on foot, I begin the process of infusing these fresh, gorgeous yellow flowers.


Take 10 - 20 drops of St. John's Wort daily in a glass of water. The drops of tincture can als be added to a mug of boiling water in order to evaporate out the alcohol.

As St. John's Wort is a powerful healer, once begun, it must be taken with respect and taken daily. To discontinue use of St' John's Wort, do so slowly, gradually decreasing the amount taken daily. For personal safety, St. John.s Wort  cannot be taken at the same time as a pharmaceutical antidepressant.

Contains: Wild St. John's Wort, Certified Organic Alcohol.

One ounce of tincture in a blue glass bottle with a glass dropper.

St. John's Wort Tincture