Sleep Well is my most popular tincture that I make. This tincture helps bring on sleep when taken at bedtime or upon night waking. This aid doesn't leave you feeling groggy when you wake in the morning. As this is not a sleeping pill meant to knock you out, Sleep Well works best when combined with good sleep hygiene.

I harvest Pineapple Weed myself, under ideal conditions, in my quiet seaside town. I process the harvested plants immediately after picking so that the all the best benefits of this herb are obtained and included in the Sleep Well tincture.


"I don't know what kind of magic potions you are making but holy cow!!! I was able to get back to sleep and was totally more calm at work sipping my tincture. You have converted me to herbal remedies!!!!! I will be buying a ton more." -K.F.

Sleep Well Tincture contains: Certified Organic Alcohol, Pineapple Weed

1 oz of tincture in blue glass bottle.

Sleep Well Tincture