Yarrow is among my most beloved wild plants and is my absolute favorite immune sysem builder. I am still astounded by how healthy this wild herb keeps my mouth an gums.


I have transplanted Yarrow into my own garden in the idyllic small town where I live, so that I can enjoy their special beauty. However, for my tinctures, salves and balms, I harvest wild Yarrow by the seaside where it grows abundantly its own chosen location. While I select and pick gorgeous, flowering tops, my children come along with me to run in the fields, skip rocks on the ocean, play in natural tree forts and pick their own wild bouquets.

Immune Boost Tincture works best when taken daily. I take 20-40 drops daily throughout the entire year.

Immune Boost Tincture can be taken several ways. 20-40 drops can be go into a simple glass of water. 20 drops can be placed under the tongue to be absorbed sublingually. Yet another way is to put 20-40 drops of tincture into a mug of boiling water and then drink when the water has cooled. This evaporates out all the alcohol and only the medicinal properties and flavor remain.

I transfer cooled, boiled water containing 40 drops of  Immune Boost - Tincture (along with Calm - Wild Rose Tincture), into my glass water bottle to sip thoughout the day as my daily tonic.

Contains: Wild Yarrow and Certified Organic Alcohol.

One ounce of tincture in a blue galss bottle with a galss dropper.

Immune Boost Tincture