I take Immune Boost Tincture daily and so I rarely get sick. When I do come down with a cold, I am grateful for my Cold Aid  Tincture. As prevention, I take 40 drops daily of Immune Boost Tincture daily. When I am actively ill with a cold, I take 20 - 40 drops of Cold Blend Tincture Three to five times a day for the duration of my illness. (Take no longer than four consecutive days so as to not overdo it).

Cold Aid Tincture can be taken several ways. 20-40 drops can be placed into a simple glass of water. 20 drops can be placed under the tongue to be absorbed sublingually. Another way is to put 20-40 drops of tincture into a mug of boiling water and then drink when the water has cooled. This evaporates out all the alcohol and only the medicinal properties remain.

I harvest organic sage in my garden that surrounds my home in the beautiful, tiny oceanside town where I live.  I pick wild Yarrow that grows seaside in an idyllic location near the ocean. Harvesting is a family affair.  My young children frolic on the beach, run through the fields, fly kites and pick their own flowers alongside me while I harvest plants. I harvest plants for my botanicals only at the perfect stage of growth. Being out together, everyone enjoying themselves, means that I can take my time and be choosy to harvest only the best.

Contains: Wild Yarrow, Organic Sage, Certified Organic Alcohol

One ounce in a blue glass bottle with glass dropper.

Cold Aid Tincture