Every year, for just several weeks of the year, I harvest Wild Rose petals by hand. While I pick the beautiful, fragrant blossoms, my kids climb trees, invent imaginary games and pick their own wildflowers.

Wild Roses are calming and are gentle enough to be taken daily. The properties of Wild Roses assist with getting through life's daily challenges with greater clam. Wild Rose can increase feelings of general well-being.

Calm Tincture can be taken several ways. 20-40 drops can be placed into a simple glass of water. 20 drops can be placed under the tongue. Another way is to put 20-40 drops of tincture into a mug of boiling water and then drink when the water has cooled. This evaporates out all the alcohol and only the medicinal properties and rosie flavor remain.

Frequently,  I transfer the cooled boiled water, containing 40 drops of Calm Tincture  into my glass water bottle. All day long I sip this enhanced water and benefit from Wild Rose. I  move much more gracefully through the stressful moments that inevitably present themselves during a busy and involved day.


"I don't know what kind of magic potions you are making but holy cow!!! I was able to get back to sleep and was totally more calm at work sipping my tincture. You have converted me to herbal remedies!!!!! I will be buying a ton more. -K.F.

Contains: Wild Rose and Certified Organic Alcohol.

One ounce in a blue glass bottle with a glass dropper.

Calm Tincture