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About Slow Botanicals

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 Slow Botanicals

I love plants. I love flowers. I love arrangements of gorgeous blooms. I love the commonest of weeds. I fill my life with all of these. My days are made up of all things botanical.

The first time I was enchanted by the magic of a flower, it was by the perfectly round, fluffy, white balls of viburnum opulis. This snowball bush grew in my grandmother’s garden. I loved to pick the flowers from the shrub, throw them up in the air, and watch and jump in glee as they fell to the ground all around me.

I'm 51 now, but I never lost this delight from green plants and flowery blooms. These feelings are with me every single day.

In my own tiny paradise, I'm lucky to incorporate flowers and plants into my every day. My home, surrounded by my organic garden, is located in a tiny oceanside town with a bounty of wild, healing plants growing close by.

From our large vegetable garden, I feed my family year round. I create Slow Botanicals organic soap and skin balms from wild, healing weeds and mushrooms growing all around, and out of the special herbs I tend in my garden.



All year long, I create everlasting flower wreaths, designed and made from the flowers I grow in my flower garden and string up to dry in my studio.

I'm doing this all with my family by my side. My husband, Etienne, works full-time as a professional artist. We have two young children who engage in passions and favourite pastimes all their own.

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All the best to you and yours!

slow botanicals calendula background.jpg
Woman in field of wildflowers with sky over ocean in background.
woman on bicycle on path surrounded by wild roses.
Woman holding flower in garden among flowers.
woman at local community market selling organic botanical soap and skin balm
Family photo in front of painting by Etienne Zack at art exhibition.
Children in flower garden in front of greenhouse.
Slow Botanicals booth at local community market. Person in front of table.
Mother with children having photo taken in spring garden.
Person standing in Slow Botanicals summer flower garden.
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