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pure organic salt soap

Slow Botanicals

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Why Slow Botanicals?

You want to be pretty. Feel amazing? YES! But beautiful
isn't enough for you. Your dream is pure organic products THAT WORK and have a short ingredient list.
You know what? I've figured it out!
Slow Botanicals are hand made in small batches with flowers and herbs picked from my garden.
Some of these flowers are wild, too.

Slow Botanicals are sting-free. They're nourishing.
Your skin glows, it's soft, it's smooth.
Your reflection looks younger.

But flowers aren’t always for skin care. Right?
Usually they’re in a vase on your table to lift your spirits.
Slow Botanicals dried flower wreaths are just like that only they go on your walls. They make you calm. They make you peaceful. And unlike most cut flowers, they last all year long
. Most important of all, they're beautiful!

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