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White soap bars with trim of himalayan pink sea salt stacked in a beautiful pile.

Slow Botanicals

"Literally the BEST shampoo bar, or bottle, that I have Ever used!!
And I must tell you I am absolutely obsessed with your herbal cream!! It is EXACTLY what I was needing!! -TF, Washington State

slow botanicals calendula flowers skincare products background
The organic garden of Slow Botanicals where ingredients are garden grown for skin care products and botanicals. The trellis is covered in a vine. The blue bench is surrounded by  many colorful flowers.

Why Slow Botanicals?

Welcome to the magic of my garden.
A place where you’re beautiful, you shine, you feel amazing. Where you dream of pure organic skin products that work. With a short ingredient list that’s full of flowers.
Where your fantasy comes true.

Slow Botanicals garden grown skin products
are sting-free. They're nourishing.
Your skin glows, it's soft, it's smooth.
Your reflection looks younger.

But flowers aren’t only for skin care. Right?
Usually they’re in a vase on your table to lift your spirits.
Slow Botanicals garden grown botanicals are the source for dried flower wreaths. Instead of going into a vase for a short time, these garden grown botanicals are arranged to hang on your walls. Slow Botanicals dried flower wreaths bring calm to your busy life. They make you feel at peace. Unlike fresh, cut flowers, dried flower wreaths 
last all year long. You always have flowers in your life.

Most important of all, they're beautiful!

How would customized, garden grown skin care products  feel, if they were made with only you in mind?
Pretty magical?

Enter the draw and win!

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